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Candy Night by Prada
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Candy Night is a new perfume by Prada for women and was released in 2019. The scent is gourmand-sweet. It is being marketed by Puig.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesNeroli, Iris, Bitter orange
Heart Notes Heart NotesTonka bean, Vanilla
Base Notes Base NotesChocolate, Patchouli



7.6 (36 Ratings)


7.3 (31 Ratings)


6.8 (29 Ratings)


8.6 (48 Ratings)
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 13.05.2019
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Greatly helpful Review    11
Candy's getting more mature and a little more mature. Today: The MILF edition!...
Hello again and a wonderful evening, my sniffing fans here :))

Yes yes yes, I know, my title is probably a bit vulgar or provocative and so on,... but I'm just delicately suggesting that the latest Prada fragrance is more mature than you'd expect. And for all those who don't know what MILF means, for God's sake type not just MILF into Google (and Google Image Search), but something like "MILF Meaning"! :DD But I don't want to be like this and clarify you here for a moment!

MILF means translated as "mothers I would like to rrraaawllll",... yes exactly, that's exactly what you can imagine! An old male or boy fantasy to find older women sexually stimulating, which seems to be the case with almost all boys. And yes, I know you want to know that it was very important for me: especially in my teenage years, it was no different for me, but how, because with what I saw, every boy would stand on women for a while who were considerably older than himself. I know, of course you're dying to know what happened to me, so I'll tell you quickly: I was 13-14, I don't know that exactly anymore. And I was that age in the '90s. And what were the 90s known for, among other things? Sure, tight and figure-hugging yoga pants (it's not different today, but still...), but at that time it was more like leggings, because yoga wasn't so common yet, but rather aerobics or something :D And well, I saw the mother of a boy from school in such a leggings... so... usually you had really colorful leggings in the 90s with geometric patterns on it or something. But no, the woman I saw was wearing a simple leggings whose colour was light orange to flesh coloured! And all she had on was a long white T-shirt. And I saw her just scrubbing the floor (man, all this sounds like the opening scene of a dirty movie!)... she was on her knees, and her T-shirt slipped up. Now you'll say that it's only natural that you get a little "harder" when you see a woman's crunchy ass in yoga pants, especially as a pubescent boy. But guys... these yoga pants were, like I said, meat-color!!! I thought I saw the bouncing, naked Ar... butt of this woman!!!! Do you know what it did to me? Do you happen to know the Mohrs scale? This indicates the hardness value of substances and minerals and ranges from 1-10, where 1 stands for talc and 10 for diamond. Well... I got at least an 11 on that scale back then!!!!

Pooh... what times!! :DD
But before I digress any further, I finally come to the new Candy fragrance. And yes, although in the past I often had difficulties spraying these brightly coloured fragrances on to me in the ladies' department because they were besieged mainly by young women, this time I had no problems whatsoever! All I had to do was wait until all the ladies nearby were gone, and then I could sniff around in peace :DDD

The fragrance:
The scent begins sweetly, "darkly sweetly", where you can smell the sweet scents of scents like tonka bean, musk, cocoa and chocolate. You can't smell Neroli at all, but Iris makes the fragrance powdery, but it goes under the sweet notes or mixes with fragrances, which also radiate a tidy, powdery note, like tonka bean and vanilla, so that you can't smell the iris clearly. While at the beginning one can still perceive chocolaty or cocoa-like scents well, the scent later continues in the direction of tonka bean and vanilla, which of course also smell totally good, since in my opinion Tonka + vanilla often form a dream team when it comes to powdery-sweet scents. However, there is a great caramel touch in the background, which smells like sugar and you could recognize the DNA of the Candy scents a little bit, even if very little, even if this scent seems to have nothing to do with this series at first sight.
Be that as it may, in the end it smells especially of vanilla and tonka bean with a little bit of musk and caramel in the background. All in all a beautiful, gourmand scent that even looks quite elegant for a candy, even if there is a tiny synthetic in the background.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is quite okay, but with all the sweet scents I would have expected more power here, but it is still enough to be perceived reasonably well. Due to the vanilla and tonka bean, the shelf life has turned out to be quite long, so that one already gets over ten hours.

The bottle:
This time the cylindrical bottle has a beautiful violet-bluish-pink colour gradient. At the top there is a black strip with gilded lines where the typical diamond pattern of Prada can be seen, together with the golden Prada lettering. The spray head is black with gold trim. A very nice bottle that also fits well in the hand.

Whoa! I'm thrilled! The new Prada Candy Night has become a surprisingly beautiful fragrance that looks even a little more mature and therefore more elegant. Sure, there is a small synthetic, but it doesn't bother me here, because Prada doesn't exaggerate the synthetic so much, that the whole fragrance would suffer from it. No, the scent here smells gourmandig sweet and already makes something, if one stands on these scents.

I think the fragrance is a great night scent, especially in autumn and winter, and maybe on not too warm spring days. Now in summer it is too gourmandig sweet and therefore slightly crushing hard on hot days, but for autumn again I would recommend it for a test once. And yes, despite a somewhat more elegant charisma compared to the other candies, I think that every lady would have to look sugar-sweet again. No matter if teenager, young adult or milf... uuuuäh, I meant "normal adults" :DD All of them certainly look great with the scent. But please don't wear the scent if you wear tight yoga pants and do yoga, where with some poses every boy and guy will have his fantasy for sure... :D

Well, that's it again. I wish everyone a nice evening, until the next time :)
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