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Candy Sugar Pop by Prada
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Candy Sugar Pop is a new and limited perfume by Prada for women and was released in 2018. The scent is fruity-sweet. It is being marketed by Puig. Limited Edition

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Daniela Andrier

Fragrance Notes

Green bergamot, Apple, Peach, Vanilla, Mahonial



7.1 (41 Ratings)


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9.0 6.0 6.0 9.5/10

19 Reviews
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Floral-sweet and Pretty
This fragrance is delicate, sweet in a floral way, inoffensive/ work-church safe, with a soft to moderate projection (depending on application and climate). I find the scent linear which isn't a bad thing as this fragrance is lovely from the very beginning. She does last longer on hair and textiles, much longer than on skin (in my experience).
I find this primarily a fresh and citrusy white floral, delicate and refreshing but with a refined fruity sweetness from the peach and apple (in that order). I get little to no caramel or vanilla other than as perhaps afterthoughts or subliminal suggestions here but have no complaints in that regard because I love the fragrance. I think there's perhaps *just* enough of a touch of caramel and similar touch of vanilla to bolster the floral sweetness as basenotes do rather than stand in center stage as the main accord; this baby's all about the fruit and flowers.

Performance: questionable/ mysterious to me. Hours after application when I can't smell it, my husband can. So I'd have to give her at least a moderate rating there.
Fragrance: I love it. 9/10
Value: Fair, I have no complaints about present price-points
8.0 7.0 8.0 6.0/10

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Very helpful Review    7
no pop up
Again and again the Candies attract me - on the one hand because of the beautiful name, because my first poodle also wore it - and then of course because I like sweets.

I like the original Candy - but it's too fleeting for me.

I have added the floral, because it gets more substance through the floral note.
How's it gonna be with sugar pop?
The name suggests a mixture of lolli pop and popcorn - and I'm happy to wait for it.
I wait - and I'm still waiting.
Nothing tasty candy pops up.
My Schnucker Jeeper remains unquenched.

The scent blows greenish on me, underlaid with delicate peach.
An apple note is added pleasantly, but then the fragrance becomes surprisingly bitter.
I don't like this twist.

Sugar Pop is unsuitable for tasters, and the ending is also disharmonic.
However, the durability is praiseworthy - but not good to eat.

I'd rather stay with Candy Florale
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8.0 6.0 6.0 7.5/10

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Very helpful Review    8
No! I only test the scent for you ladies and not to wear it myself!!!
Oh, yeah... a new year, a new Candy Flanker. So far, so good...
As you know, I've had a hard time testing the Candy fragrances for eons, because they are not only women's fragrances and are therefore in the women's department, but are also filled in brightly colorful flacons, which invite all women nearby to try them out!

But 2018 should become THE year when I finally have to be more courageous. No more fear of testing women's fragrances in public. No more fear of being watched. No more worrying about insulting you stupid perfumas... oops, the last one shouldn't actually be said out loud... oh well, I'm not afraid of you... unless you want to hit me!!! D

Anyway, as always, I went to the shelf with the candy scents. This time braver than ever! The shelves with the Prada scents are by the way a nice sight, because meanwhile some flankers are standing there. Although some would perhaps say that already too many Flanker of this smell row exist, so I find them anyway all mad!

So I grab the newest bottle and want to spray it on me... As I said, year 2018, I want to be braver, blah blah blah.
Then, of course, it happens. I realize that I'm actually standing in front of the colorful Prada women's fragrances. And exactly at that moment the following things happen:

My mind tells me, "Go on, test it! Nothing's gonna happen!
My gut feeling tells me: Don't take the bottle in your hand, but rather your legs and get out as fast as you can!
My heart tells me: ... my heart doesn't say anything, because of fear it has stopped beating long ago, ...!

Suddenly... while I'm so stuck in my thoughts, wondering how I could spray it on myself unnoticed... I hear a voice. And that's a real female voice:
"Hello, you've been standing here for ages! Can I help you?"

I'm startled. It's a salesgirl! She smiles at me!
"I just want to see what the new Candy smells like because I really like the line! I've tried them all and I love them all!"

Oh MY GOD, I am such an IDIOT!!! Why do I say at the end of the sentence that I would LOVE all these fragrances?
What you don't say with nervousness... Cause I swear to you, the salesgirl's face was a little more beaming afterwards. Exactly in this moment in combination with the last part of my statement all this did NOT sound as if I was looking for a fragrance for girlfriend/mother or anyone else, but for MYSELF!!

I'm trying to save what can be saved, and I'm coming up with something:
"Yes yes... you ladies have so much more beautiful scents than there are for us gentlemen!"

Her answer to that was: "Yes, that's right. For ladies there is indeed a greater choice. That's why I know some gentlemen who regularly buy women's fragrances for themselves here in our department!"
... "BUY YOU FOR YOU!!!" she said! Aaaaaaaargh,... why did she say THAT of all things? I wonder what she's thinking about me now She probably thinks I want to smell like candy myself now. So sweet and sexy... and that I would generally use such women's scents... aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggghghghghghghghgh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course she asked me if she should spray the scent on me, and you can imagine what I Depp answered to it...: "Yes, ... VERY VERY GREER!!!" ... *sigh*

Believe me, I'll always have a hard time testing candy scents. ALWAYS! So I almost hope that this is the last Candy Flanker... but only almost... *sigh*

The fragrance:
First of all, the scent seems really light to me, because I can hardly perceive anything properly. Only gradually do I smell light, fresh citric notes, whereupon the fragrance becomes fruity with the peaches.
It takes a while to recognize the Candy DNA because the fragrance is less sweet than the other fragrances. In general, there is hardly anything left to do with the sweetness of cotton candy. This makes the fragrance more relaxed and summery.
But there is something (temporarily) in the base that I unfortunately don't like so much and this is also the reason why I don't rate the fragrance as high as usual. Because now I smell a somewhat sultry, flowery scent, which reminds me a little of Ylang-Ylang. I generally don't like Ylang-Ylang that much, and I think that this makes the fragrance a bit more sultry and sticky, also loses too much of its sweetness and even seems a bit more mature. This also reduces the freshness of the fragrance a little.
Later, however, the sultry, flowery note is reduced again, even if it remains flowery and slightly sweetish, while the sweetness now comes from a slightly turned vanilla, which in turn smells quite pleasant, which is also due to the powdery, creamy notes.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is at first relatively weak, but from the base the scent becomes much heavier and is then also better smellable, a small scent cloud is left behind later.
The shelf life is okay, six to seven hours are in it.

The bottle:
The bottle is of course great again. It is cylindrical with a yellow bottom and a pink scented liquid. At the end of the bottle there is a white ribbon with golden edges, which has this Prada-known imitation leather pattern and on which the Prada logo is gilded. The spray head is half oval or slightly dome-shaped and is gilded, the dome being pastel blue in colour. This bottle is also a success.

Hmm... well... I have to say that I didn't like the new Candy soo much like the previous ones, but it still became quite nice. But that's not because the scent is much less sweetish, but because of the sultry-floral base, which is absolutely not my thing, because I don't like this ylang-ylang like scent so much, even if you should smell it more from close than in the ascending scent cloud. But that will get weaker in the later base again, so that it is not so bad for me now and you ladies might even like it well and you might find a nice summer scent with it.

Ohh jeee, you know, I usually spray my own scents in a store. Every now and then I get sprayed by a salesgirl. Normally I usually just say "thank you" or something with a smile on my face... but of course she told me something after spraying it on... and that was the following:
"So, now they walk for 30 minutes to an hour and let the scent develop on YOUR skin to see how it smells with YOUR skin, because scents smell a little different with everybody!

That's it! Enough! Over and out! After THIS sentence it was now absolutely clear that she had assumed that I had tried the scent for myself and was now planning to let the scent work on my skin in order to be able to decide whether or not I would NEVER go to this store again *sigh* ... Why does something like this always have to happen to me? :((
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