Infusion d'Iris (2015) Eau de Parfum

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Infusion d'Iris (Eau de Parfum) (2015) by Prada
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Infusion d'Iris (Eau de Parfum) (2015) is a popular perfume by Prada for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is fresh-powdery. It is being marketed by Puig.

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Daniela Andrier

Fragrance Notes

Dalmatian iris, Italian mandarin, Tunisian neroli, Cedarwood, Laotian benzoin



8.5 (100 Ratings)


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Submitted by JMK, last update on 04.10.2019
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6.0 7.0 7.0 7.5/10

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Very helpful Review    8
The tender innocent radiance
First of all you can perceive a fresh, intense and strong, sweet, flowery note, which also brings a fine powdery, bitter, quite discreet citric touch and is due to the Tunisian Neroli.

At the same time, the Neroli is accompanied by a light sweetish fruity nuance of the Italian mandarin and both notes make sure in a very beautiful measure that you simply feel good all around and would like to start the new day with a wonderful lightness.

A little bit later the very discreet hunch unfolded completely.

A beautiful deep and engaging clear creamy, delicate flowery rooty note can now be perceived, giving the wearer an intense tender and at the same time innocent radiance and only the pale iris, the iris can be.

In the last 3 hours the iris is much more dimmed, but still well perceptible and is replaced in very creeping features by a soft, fine wooden note, which gives a pleasant soft aura to the approaching end of the fragrance and comes from the cedar wood.

The cedar wood is accompanied by a beautiful balsamic shade of Laotian benzoin, warming from the inside, with a slight hint of vanilla and milk chocolate, which provides a delightful smooth finish.

In total, the fragrance lasts 7 hours on my skin.

The Sillage is conceived from the outset in such a way that one is perceived very well at a whole arm length and this is also maintained 3 hours in such a way, before it is reduced in quiet steps to the conclusion of the smell
I would like to express my sincere thanks to our perfume "Honk1510" for the bottling.
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10.0 6.0 8.0 7.5/10

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Very helpful Review    20
Controversial discourse between author & imaginary reader about marzipan cake - an outline in 8 paragraphs
Okay, this will probably be a somewhat controversial comment. I'm a perfume newcomer, I have absolutely no idea about many things, but I'll add my mustard anyway. So please forgive my amateur opinion!
Already after a short occupation with my new hobby "perfume" I came across (of course) the brand Guerlain and the mysterious so-called "Guerlinade". After a short research it seems to be a mixture of rose, jasmine, neroli, iris, tonka & vanilla (& bergamot? Depending on the source) and is described as "almondly" or "irisbuttrig+vanillig". Now I could test a few Guerlains so far and yes, also my untrained nose imagines itself to smell a kind of red thread. Especially in "Mon précieux Nectar" and the recently tested "Après l'Ondée" the following note superimposes ALL notes of the pyramid after a very short time: lightly fluffy, powdery, sugary, freshly baked sponge cake and buttery marzipan cake. Why cake? I don't know, but the scents go for me both in a sweet-gourmandy direction.

imaginary reader: Hey, wait a minute with your lay talk about Guerlain. I thought I was here to comment on a Prada! What's that got to do with "infusion d'iris" anyway?!

Well, well, dear reader.
Also with "Infusion d'Iris" I smell this special marzipan cake touch after a short time. First fresh-fruity mandarin and a pale green blossom on a pond, but only very briefly, then the marzipan comes along and butter, warm butter, and superimposed like in the two Guerlains ALL other notes of the pyramid.

imaginary reader: Mmm, okay, is your subjective impression, but, in fact, I thought the guerlinade consisted of rose, jasmine, neroli, iris, tonka & vanilla? There's only Iris & Neroli in here!

Yeah, I don't get it either! The benzoin's vanilla, though, isn't it? Maybe this is a good replacement for Vanilla & Tonka - at least - anyway, now you've brought me out.
Clears throat. Infusion d'Iris manages not to become too cakey on me. Something pleasantly citrus remains throughout the fragrance. Somehow the scent is pleasant - and sorry again to all Guerlain lovers and perfumers with far greater knowledge of scents than I do - this infusion reminds me of "Après l'Ondée", only in better.

imaginary reader: Ah, now slowly I see your argument. But did you like the scent now? That's why I'm reading all this commentary. Actually, I just wanted to know how to imagine it in something and what do I get? Unfounded gibberish about guerlinades and cakes--

All right, all right! Then the standard comment content: At first I liked it, mandarin & flower was nice, then it became too buttery like marzipan cake for me, I don't like it, but then it got a little bit too tight and now it's nice again, still cake, but waterier.

Imaginary reader: Ah, finally, that was so hard, my face -- and woe betide you saying Guerlain again --


Imaginary reader: That's not too --


8 Replies
9.0 8.0 8.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    47
Happy Valentine
You always like to wear the scent,
preferably every day.
You smell good my bright star,
you know I like him.

Now I write to you about Valentin,
Lines about your fragrance.
And do you even wear turpentine,
I love you, I scum.

It smells so fresh, so powdery fine,
and caresses your skin.
You always feel like you're in,
so soft and not loud at all.

The iris wraps around the neck,
accompanied by wood.
You also press the spray head,
mostly full of pride.

You can feel a little here and there,
the juice of the mandarin.
You like that too, that's for sure,
your dose of vitamins.

Neroli beautiful fresh and fine,
gets out of here nice.
My dear Mr. Choral Society,
That gives another round of applause.

You and him you're so flowery,
a bit spicy tender.
At your side I am king,
the rhyme that is really smart.

And keep tuts all day,
that's g'rad the beautiful.
Best still with warm degrees,
this also gives no moaning.

You're always really happy,
you can wear it again.
The bottle is not really full anymore,
but you don't shy away from cost issues.

It comes as it always has to,
I just love you more.
If you are so, so full of pleasure,
i won't give you back.

I wish you a great day,
with sun and lots of fun.
Now my mission is over,
Wasn't that awesome.

I'm not a friend of that bullshit,
can always give you presents.
All that rhymes with rubbish is yarn,
you just want to distract.

You know I don't get to be Ramonty much,
this is perfectly clear.
But I find you gigantic,
simply wonderful.

Now I'm already at the end now,
and now see there.
My rhymes here, what should I do,
are also not from bad parents!
Happy Valentine's Day!
26 Replies
8.0 7.0 8.0 9.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    16
Wardrobe Staples...
I have a very full wardrobe and actually for every occasion something suitable to dress. And yet every day I stand in front of it again and have the feeling that today simply nothing suits my mood. It's to milk mice.
But wait! I still have one trump card: there is this beautifully simple, cream-coloured silk blouse that I bought years ago on a day trip to Salzburg. This blouse, in all its simplicity, is for me the salvation in distress that is always appropriate, no matter what the occasion. And she makes me feel good, maybe even beautiful. She suits me, she suits me.
The Prada iris is the olfactory equivalent of this blouse. Not exciting, but so unbelievably round and incontrovertible that it is always wearable and gives me a feeling of well-being. I feel good with this fragrance, I may even feel attractive.
All this happens in such an unagitated, relaxed and subtle way that it is probably only me who perceives it. But as long as I abstract this feeling of inner satisfaction to the outside, it fits.
Powdery-creamy, slightly floral and a very tiny bit of "spice" - simply wonderfully reserved and pleasant. Not "Wow" (breathtaking), but a positive "Hmmmmmmhmm" (comforting sighing).
I wasn't a fan of iris until a few months ago. This scent here has reconciled me to her and opened this door for me. Thanks to Infusion d'Iris for that. A permanent place in my collection has definitely earned this feel-good fragrance.
8 Replies
10.0 7.0 8.0 10.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    10
Ode to the soul
On a warm spring day, six enchanting elves walk singing across a flowering spring meadow to the secluded brook at the edge of the forest. They wear airy pastel-coloured dresses and each have a wicker basket and a bottle in their hand. One's carrying a big bottle. When they arrive at the stream, they place the large bottle on the spring meadow and start collecting and picking on the meadow, on the trees and at the edge of the forest until the baskets are full. Do all this with sweet singing. Then each of the enchanting elves puts their collected treasures in the big bottle:

- Fresh mandarin peel sweet sweet and soothing
- Sweet neroli blossoms that have a calming effect and relieve anxiety
- Iris for the heart
- Strengthening cedar wood
- Vanilla warm benzoin resin

Pour fresh clear stream water over all this, stir the whole thing and let it stand in the sun. After a while they strain everything through a sieve and fill the now wonderfully fragrant infusion into the small bottles on which they write Infusion d´Iris . The infusions are gifts for afflicted human children.
This elf-like fragrance is a wonderful mixture of soul scents that soothe, balance, strengthen, protect and wrap.

So this extraordinary perfume can form a gentle protective aura and accompany us through the day.
Infusion d´Iris is like staying at a clear stream full of flowers and sun. A short break in the sometimes painful hectic of everyday life and a particularly beautiful fragrance for everyday work. The fragrance is sweetly powdery with soft green freshness and light flowers. The cedar gives hold and a slightly woody note, benzoin soft vanilla warmth. Everything is outshined by the powdery noble freshness of the iris.

Fortunately, the elves of Prada have not found the galbanum. The scent is so much more beautiful and lovely. I didn't like the strict, decent and boring galbanum in the old version. This one however I find simply only bezaubernd beautiful.
5 Replies
7.0 7.0 7.0 9.0/10

0 Reviews
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Helpful Review    5
Oh, there are several of them...? ;)
In search of new beautiful fragrances, I strolled through the city...

On the shelf, Infusion d'Iris stood in her green dress and waved to me.... I thought to myself "no, I don't like "green" scents and if you're already dressed green, I certainly don't like you" (...oh, wonderful, these prejudices)

Under tears Infusion d'Iris now stood there, which is why I let myself be beaten softly by her and thought "naaa well, you can sniff it..."

So I went over to her house and got a taste of the atomizer... Nil All right, then on paper...
hmmmm... not quite as green as I thought... but it's very smoky and woody... er, I don't like that...

--> Yes I know, this is a comment to the version of 2015... only I didn't know then "yet" that there is still a 2nd version of 2007...

"Pooh, neeeh, I don't like you, sorry" I thought and walked away...

From a dear perfuma I then received (without wanting it, of course) a sample of the version 2015, which I had overlooked of course... I immediately thought, "Well, that's the wooden Harz ghost from the department store that scared me so much..." So put it in the box...

Sometime - when I was a little bored - the pattern slipped back into my hand and I thought to myself "try it on your skin"... So, whoops, sprayed on... and.... and...

Wuuuaaaahhhh, what's that???? I'm sinking into the probably most beautiful iris scent, which I've gotten used to for a long time... (Apart from Noorah of course, which is the No. 1)

The prelude is slightly citrus-fresh with a soft aquatic note... The iris is also immediately present... and HOW... WOW, just a dream...!
Approx. 5 minutes after spraying, the delicate benzoin and a fine hint of cedar are added...

The scent hardly changes on my skin from then on, so you can't really speak of a course of scent - which I find absolutely terrific...!!!

I have another look at the sample (original sample) and don't know why I flinched so much in the shop when I sniffed Infusion d'Iris on the paper...

So let's go and go to

Well, then everything became clear to me.... I sniffed at that time the version of 2007 and not the 2015!!!!

Hach how could I leave the sample so long and not get to know the beautiful Infusion d'Iris 2015...

Today, Infusion d'Iris is a fixed and valued part of my collection, which I would NEVER give back in life, niiiie...

With the version from 2007 I still can't really make friends with the Cèdre...with the Cèdre also not really... too smoky for me....
4 Replies
9.0 9.0 9.0 9.5/10

0 Reviews
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Helpful Review    11
The Prada Infusion´s , so I came upon it again, because my better half had this smell because of our preference to the iris in the head. But in Karstadt I found him first and because he was busy with other scents, instead of spraying the scent on him I sprayed it on myself :-D and then the Dejavu took its course :-) (briefly to the explanation, we went it already times similarly with a Unisex smell, he was in love with the perfume and I could at the end also no longer without *G*

So the man is once again to blame ;-D that I fell in love with this fragrance. Whereby I would like to write at the same time that this is also good so, I feel it as a very feniminen smell. I don't know if I want my husband to smell like that ;-) good that Prada has a choice of hihi

I sniffed at my arm and was thrilled ... a fresh fragrance, it smells different fresh, lighter and always inviting again to sniff hmmmmm I think and then he becomes sweeter, a little soapy and powdery to equal ... ohhhh my God I think, how heavenly.... as it always is, he couldn't get out of my head anymore, I read about the scent and found that the shelf life wasn't supposed to be so great, which then made me a little thoughtful again, because I really like to smell a scent well during the day.

Gds I convinced myself in the end and ordered the fragrance as bottling here.

On my skin it has an unbelievable durability, so a day in the office with 8 h creates it with me really loosely and I am really new again and again in Love, already from the first sprayer, I feel the whole day as freshly washed ;-) as if I had just jumped out of the washing machine myself and I would have used the most beautiful fabric softener in the world. I feel radiant, the scent envelops me and gives me a warm, fresh feeling all day long.

Really, really recommendable.

In my wish list he slipped and my bottling almost all :-( . Well that's soon Christmas :-) then the Lord of Guilt can make me a nice gift :-) I then take the 750ml bottle!

6 Replies
8.0 7.0 7.0 8.0/10

320 Reviews
Minimal and classy
This perfume could be similar to a White silk shirt: minimal, but very elegant and classy.
Iris notes are noticeable and the ensemble is well balanced and pleasant. It's a powdery scent, but not too much because neroli and citruses give a particular modern freshness. The price is high, but the product and the bottle too are very very good

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