Indian Summer (1995) Eau de Parfum

Indian Summer (Eau de Parfum) by Priscilla Presley
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Indian Summer (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume by Priscilla Presley for women and was released in 1995. The scent is floral-woody. It was last marketed by Mülhens / Muelhens.

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Submitted by Joe, last update on 15.02.2019

Variant of the fragrance concentration

Indian Summer (Eau de Parfum)

This is a variant of the perfume Indian Summer (Eau de Toilette) by Priscilla Presley, which differs in concentration.
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Helpful Review    13
One fragrance & a thousand memories
Fragrances have been with me since childhood. My mother loved to use perfume, she often had the latest fragrances in her bathroom. Today I believe that I have inherited this great hobby a little from her. Unfortunately, I can't ask her now because she left me 22 years ago. Today I am almost as old as she was when she died and she always wanted her perfume at her bedside.

Now my time travel starts again and I have to say, it is nice to think about earlier again. Fragrances can evoke a lot of memories, that is something very special. So far I wasn't really the collector of the older, adjusted fragrances but thanks to a nice acquaintance who pushed a whole swing of 90s fragrances into my hand a few weeks ago my hobby becomes even more intense. When I saw all those scents, I had to think about the old days. One or the other thing I knew through my mother or I had once had myself. But when I put the fragrances on my shelf I suddenly got a lot of them, wait, back then there was a fragrance which you really liked to put on. Not long, and I knew it was Indian Summer. Unfortunately I didn't remember how he smelled but I knew I liked him very much back then. So I searched the internet and found a new 30 ml bottle of the EdP with OvP. I just had to strike :)

Now for the scent. Hardly sprayed on, I knew exactly, yes, that is the smell which I once so loved. This violet is just so tender and blends wonderfully with the sparkling fruits. As JetonToni already wrote, it reminds something of lemon sweets but not sour but rather sweet and creamy. The teeny note and the light wood round off the fragrance perfectly. The fragrance is like a cream on the skin, slightly fresh but also warm. For me something very special, not to be found today as I think.

In addition, of course, this fragrance brings my memories back, I remember things I almost forgot, unbelievable! I know, there are still some old scents, which are waiting to be rediscovered by me and I have already found one or the other piece. It remains exciting :)
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Greatly helpful Review    12
Powdery notes, sweet lemon sweets and the freshness of Tee´s make a MEISTERWERK that you would even look for in the niche area for nothing!
Today I'm writing about probably the most beautiful drugstore smell of all time, which unfortunately doesn't exist anymore.
The composition alone is unanimous! I've never smelled that smell before! But the scent itself looks so familiar to me. I swear it, I noticed this breath of scent very often back in the mid 90s when I was a teenager. Sometimes I couldn't tell this beautiful smell as a "scent" because it smelled so well-groomed. Like a sinfully expensive three-figure body lotion and that in summer fits like no other. It smelled noble, well-groomed, sweet and somewhat lemony.

Today I am in good spirits, since I have been given 3 full bottles 30 ml of this magic potion by an elderly pensioner for half a year! Yes, 3 times 30 ml. Not tilted but unfortunately also without cartons.
All 3 fragrances are Eau de Parfums. The bottle looks very pretty, timeless like the royal blue lid, which always reminds me of Shalimar von Guerlain, or the bottle and lid. But only the optics because the scent is completely different.

How would I describe Indian Summer? It's a warm scent. It smells a little spicy, very powdery, flattering. A "health" for a sick soul. Indian Summer gives positive energy. It's like medicine when you're not feeling well. It smells so luxurious and puts me back to when I often noticed this smell but never knew what it was. And I never dared to address,
It smells so subtle you'd think, "what the hell smells so attractive?" You immediately think of the expensive cream around 300, 400 or 500 € cream.

Indian Summer is magical, delicate, never intrusive, a masterpiece that you would never find even in the niche. You can forget the scent pyramid! Because Indian Summer doesn't work as sparsely as the notes written above read. It has a lush, rich, powerful and aphrodisiac effect.
You think of lemon candy, good mood, sun rays, autumnal spice, a little fresh tea and a light oriental veil, but never intrusive.

It is the best fragrance of Priscilla Presley. One of the best of many fragrances. Timeless, but also modern enough for today's world. If Indian Summer were still available today, it would be a box-office hit!
It also reminds from the aura (not from the fragrance) of a luxurious elegant Lacoste femme, because of the powdery touch.

It smells a little like Lady Diana, too. Anyway, I see her with that scent. Harmonious, luxurious, relaxing in a way. For a businesswoman who drives men crazy. It doesn't smell heavy, but it's full-bodied. It smells fresh, powdery, a little sweet and a little simple and yet Indian Summer hits the mark!

The name is not well chosen. I would have named this fragrance "Spirit of a Women." For it is the will of a woman who points to others with this scent in an attractive way. It looks so cute, lovely that you would like to kiss the person who wears this scent immediately.

I am very happy that I am allowed to wear this fragrance and that my environment is showering me with compliments. Some keep asking me, isn't that Indian Summer? I am astonished that they know (again) this smell. That proves that Indian Summer has very high recognition value. The way this fragrance is missed and demanded, it would be time for a REVIVAL of this once so beautiful fragrance. The funny thing is, last friday a man went after me because I smelled sooo wonderful.
He was after I told him the name of the fragrance, but not very pleased that you can not buy this fragrance anymore.

I only call this scent Lady Diana, which would have fit to her the scent like the fist auf´s eye. I am so convinced in love and sniff at my wrist like an addict so Indian Summer put as signature scent on my side.

I'm in love. Thanks to Mrs. Ruth for these extremely precious fragrances, which are traded up to 200€ each.

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