Arizona (2018)Eau de Parfum

Arizona (Eau de Parfum) by Proenza Schouler
Bottle Design Malin Ericson
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Arizona (Eau de Parfum) is a perfume by Proenza Schouler for women and was released in 2018. The scent is floral-sweet. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.

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White cactus blossom, Orris root, Jasmine, Orange blossom, Solar note, Musk, Cashmeran



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6.9 (68 Ratings)
Submitted by Michael, last update on 26.12.2019.
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Very helpful Review    7
An unattractive prototype that is halfway saved and the use of a solar cell
At first one can perceive a sweetish - greenish note, which also brings a certain touch of plastic with itself and I would never have come on white cactus blossom, since it smells rather as if one would smell at these completely senseless artificial flowers.

At the same time, a fine floral note is perceptible, which also brings a subtle bitter touch and in my opinion unfortunately does not harmonize at all with the white cactus flower, but rather I have the feeling that the orange blossom was used to lift the artificial flower up into the air.

A little later the white cactus blossom and the orange blossom moved into the background and are now only directly perceptible on the skin, in order to leave the priority to a note very unusual for me, which is known to me however from some lady smells.

Jasmine - Sambac - and that in

The jasmine was used a lot too high in my opinion, because it seems really deep spicy and also quite delicately nasty and the bright floral note, which I really like with jasmine, has nothing to report this time - I would also classify this component as slightly animalistic and there is however still something - namely the platikhauch!
If you smell a little more concentrated, you still perceive it and you really get the feeling that the scent was filled into plastic bottles and that the plastic has easily passed into the scent and at the same time the thought sprouts in me:

"The scent is'n prototype, isn't it?"

2 hours later the scent is actually halfway saved, which is to be owed here to the iris root, since it with its creamy, very slightly powdery flowery fragrance nuances pushes the jasmine into the corner in a proper measure, but unfortunately does not quite make it, but it now smells of a lightly spicy, lightly breathed powdery iridescent jasmine, which I don't feel so wrong, but the spicy - nasty aura of jasmine sometimes asserts itself in a flash and leaves me sitting there completely at a loss.

"Sooo, have I got something funky? - Oh yes, the solar - note!"

"Solar connect' ick always with energy supply, so have ick ma' my pulse to the charging socket of my almost empty mobile phone's hold and see there: There were unfortunately no small charging bars erzeucht, what was to be expected - it would be too nice" :-)

"I connect solar but still with heat supply, which I would like to affirm here, since the scent of'ner certain time 'ne respective warmth experiences, but not' janz warm, but rather lukewarm and probably here only a solar cell was injected" :-)

At the very end it becomes pleasantly feminine, slightly woody and soft (cashmeran) ,but still clearly underlaid (musk) and unfortunately smells like all the other decaying women's fragrances, which is against the synthetic and will probably continue to come to you ladies....

"Schad...nee shit is' dat!"

In total the scent holds 7 hours on my skin.

The Sillage is designed in the first 30 minutes in such a way that one is perceived very clearly on a whole arm length and then settles for 2.5 hours on a clearly perceptible half arm length, before it reduces in calm steps, before the smell finally completely fades away.
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8.0 7.0 7.0 8.0/10

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Summer, sun, beach, green palms and monstera, flowering cacti and cocktails with a huge portion of easy Life= ARIZONA
Do you know the song "One Kiss" by Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa? Somehow this has been my favourite summer hit for a few weeks now and anyone who watches the video and sniffs at "Arizona" at the same time knows what I mean...
The summer trend, which has existed for a few years now, of providing every purchasable item with a pattern of palm trees, monstera leaves, pineapples, cacti, flamingos, elephants or colourful blossoms, is olfactorically recorded in "Arizona" And I have to admit that I have fallen mercilessly into this trend;-)
These patterns give a light-hearted, fresh, summery and youthful feeling to come across without being chic.

Now for the fragrance:
Arizona starts with a sweet but extraordinary cactus aloe note, somehow fresh and strongly based on Olympea by Paco Rabanne, which is one of my favorites.
But it is lighter and envelops you in a green-sweet feel-good cloud, which lasts for a few hours with proper dosage.
In addition to the Olympea note, there is a subtle orange breeze that gives you a fresh kick.
I wouldn't call Arizona the best new release 2018 or top fragrance, but there is a lot missing,
but it conveys a relaxed feeling.

Arizona is "Easy-Life" - spray, take a deep breath and off you go, whether at work, on the weekend or just on the couch. This year I found my ultimate summer perfume in "Tom Ford Mandarino di Amalfi"; it made my life at 35 degrees a lot easier:-)
Arizona, on the other hand, I could well imagine in late summer/autumn - as a little reminder of the shimmering heat or in winter as an "in-between-smell".
And "in-between scents" can also grow on your heart:-)

So go ahead and test and fog in.
Arizona is hyped, not a completely new fragrance, but one that makes you feel good and meets the spirit of the times. And since I have the next two weeks still vacation and guaranteed times in the shop with the big D come, it will also stand soon on my chest of drawers. I know myself after all;)
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10.0 8.0 8.0 9.0/10

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Very helpful Review    5
A sensual, enveloping scent, a journey to the land of silence, of the gentle sounds of nature, of the sky, of the earth, of the dewdrop on a sandy rock... a sunrise in the desert. Or the low sun and the rising coolness of the evening mix with the heat of the day... it carries me away and especially in combination with the Dry Oil it is very durable (durability is always a bit problematic for me and often disappoints me). I got the scent recommended and made the mistake of testing it on a paper strip. Get your hands off me! This perfume needs SKIN to unfold. On paper he is pale and artificial, on the skin he develops his delicate but lasting, exotic, calm and deep magic and I'm gone and gone!
The cactus blossom is a note I had never heard of before and in combination with jasmine, cashmeran (silky, woody, musky) and the mineral, almost salty base a dream for my personal scent sensation.
A beautiful bottle made of cut rose-coloured glass with a high-quality lid, black with a golden base underlines the puristic form.

Update: after a few weeks I have more and more difficulties to notice him at all. I don't wear it every day, so it can't be a matter of getting used to the nose... do more people have that? I feel like I've become "immune," "wondering
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Helpful Review    4
My review for Arizona by Proenza Schouler on YouTube
This is my Proenza Schouler Arizona Review Perfume Review. Arizona is a new perfume by designer duo Proenza Schouler, the first perfume from the designer house of Proenza Schouler and this is all about Orris with Solar Accord, Cactus Flower, Musk and more. It's certainly very powdery, somewhat like lipstick but dusty, dry, cold and warm and captures the Arizona terrain perfectly in this scent. Orris is certainly the main star of Arizona by Proenza Schouler. To find out more about Arizona by Proenza Schouler please watch my youtube review. Thank you.

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by sebjar
Ich sag es mal vorsichtig, die Verpackung ist wenig ansprechend für meinen Geschmack.
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by LilaLinchen
by LilaLinchen