Arizona (2019)Eau de Parfum Intense

Arizona (Eau de Parfum Intense) by Proenza Schouler
Bottle Design Malin Ericson
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Arizona (Eau de Parfum Intense) is a new perfume by Proenza Schouler for women and was released in 2019. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.

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Fragrance Notes

Star cactus, Orange blossom, Jasmine absolute, Solar note, Iris concrete, Vanilla



7.6 (8 Ratings)
Submitted by OPomone, last update on 03.12.2019.
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A little pep talk... Even if we don't become friends!
I almost had to kick my own ass to write this commi/text today... Now most people are probably wondering why...?? Simply my gums have become infected LEIDER! because of my whiteness tooth... Jeeeeeey!:((( I couldn't do anything today but lie in bed and pray that this pain will subside sometime... Nice feeling!
Well, anyway, my mother had to run to the pharmacy today because of me, she came back with something that had put a little smile on my face today, a beautiful rose and a perfume Müsterchen:D A small but still very nice cheer! Everyone who knows me knows that, I am always happy about little perfume Müsterchen no matter how bad I am:))))❤
I hugged my mother and gave her a little thank you kiss despite the pain:))))❤❤❤. In Switzerland there are pharmacies/drugstores where you can choose a Müsterchen perfume for every purchase, be it a medicine or a cream...
Since the sellers know me there too, they give me even without buying a Müsterchen after my choice, which I personally find super!:D Back to the actual topic;) When opening the Müsterchen I first looked at which designer brand this fragrance was from... I'm leaving Arizona, hmmmm... Arizona? I was wondering if I've heard of this name or designer brand before. And no...Unfortunately the brand was alien to me, I thought that would be for me the better now I can finally test a fragrance that MIR was not known:D Now that I finally have something to distract me from this unpleasant pain I was of course all the more curious about this fragrance:).
I gave myself two, small sprayers on the hand surface and waited 1min.:)
Since I'm the first one again (of course I mean writing lyrics and not statements) it was somehow a nice feeling for me:D Before I started writing I looked, as always on Parfumo what the scents could be... Interesting sounded to you in all cases!:)

The scent:...
To be honest, I can't really say what I smelled exactly...especially when spraying on... It must have been the sea urchin cactus note, to be honest I don't know exactly how or what sea urchin cactus should smell like.
Since I was not sure what I smelled and I did not know this fragrance, it must have been this fragrance... Who knows?
The sea urchin note was slightly sweet but also somehow decently fruity which iritated me a little bit... But she wasn't present on my skin for a long time now, what then came was a full load of jasmine...:( I'm not a big fan of extreme jasmine fragrances!
(I only say Alien) The Jasmin note was unfortunately very present with me because whole smell process!:( Who prefers now extreme Jasmin smells, for this person this smell would be something! But for people who don't like Alien at all it won't be a big fan of this fragrance! The iris note was also very heavy on my skin! Heavy in the sense of very powdery... Fortunately it passed away after 15min. After that the fragrance still went very strongly into the floral but also very discreetly into the fruity. I could also smell a slight citrus note but also a slight bitter orange note...Which is actually nowhere to be found with the scents... I couldn't smell vanilla anyway...
So you can see I'm a little bit happy that, I'm not really big enthusiastic! And I admit it openly! Yes I know that I am a great gourmand lover! Nevertheless I find that this scent neither round nor somehow special or even better said interesting smells... Rather confusing to put it in a nutshell! Also my mother (who likes beautiful flowery scents) did not find that particularly good...! I find that this fragrance also has a light hairspray note that has unfortunately stuck out again and again... Not a strong one anyway, I hate the smell of hairspray! Arizona smells like Si passione by Giorgio Armani! It also has a light hair spray note!:( Only Arizona ( is my opinion!) is the Intense version of Sio passione... But well I think everyone should be able to make their own picture of a fragrance! That's why test this fragrance yourself... I stick to my opinion!

Because of the H+S I find pretty good that has kept 6.hours on my skin on the clothes I can imagine that that would last much longer... It's always 90% on me now. Even if I didn't like the smell itself... I must still say it has distracted me a little from my pain and motivated me to write this text for you here:D.
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