07.09.2017 - 08:28 PM
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The best way to describe what this perfume feels like to me, is to picture yourself in front of an indoor fireplace, in your softest pajamas, with a wool blanket wrapped around you and drinking a cup of hot cocoa milk. Outside is snowing peacefully and not a single sound is made. Everything is quiet, only the burning logs animate the surroundings . Absolute stillness. You feel warm, loved and tranquil. If coziness was a scent, Alba would be its name.
I've always struggled with vanilla. Not my favorite ingredient in perfumes, not even in pastry. Too much will make my stomach feel ill. But there is something in Alba that is similar to vanilla. Maybe it's the almonds mixed with sandalwood that give me such an impression. Alba is to me what vanilla is to others.
The scent is simple and linear, it doesn't project like a bomb, but you can smell it from half an arm away and it lingers on your skin for a long time. It's sweet and nutty, but not childish. More of a grown up gourmand kind of sweet. It is creamy but powdery the same time. It's also woody and I know the hazelnuts are responsible for this beautiful effect. The hazelnuts are not Nutella style and not even roasted. They are raw and fresh. To sum it up, the scent is reminiscent of a hazelnut cappuccino, with more milk than coffee.
As for the name, this doesn't smell white (Alba) to me. More like beige or cream. But I know that white is associated with innocence, so yes, the name fits its character. My favorite perfume for winter!

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