Ambra Aurea (1998)

Ambra Aurea by Profumum Roma
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Ambra Aurea is a popular perfume by Profumum Roma for women and men and was released in 1998. The scent is smoky-spicy. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production.

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Ambergris, Frankincense, Myrrh



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fumo delizioso - or the joy of being
Today I would like to be a little shorter. Today I don't want to fall into poetry or euphemistic, infantile analogies
Today, I would simply like to explain to you why Ambergris Aurea is a true revelation, 22 years after its appearance, and that this fragrance could appear in 22 years and still be a revelation
Many describe this fragrance here as an amber scent. Sorry to disappoint you, but this is NOT a blend of benzoin, styrax resin and labdanum, which is used in other fragrances as an amber accord.

Whether there is still real ambergris in here, I don't know, but the scent is multilayered.

Ambra Aurea shows every time I wear it why I like the brand Profumum Roma so much. Few scents. Simple and straightforward structure and yet an absolutely complex fragrance with outstanding durability and quality.

In my opinion, Ambra Aurea is the Magnus Opum of the Indie House.

Immediately after spraying it on, a warm, opulent, almost caramel-like aura radiates around you with fine, almost silky smoke. Fortunately, this is not scratchy, cold or even dry smoke. From hour to hour the fragrance becomes more and more sweet and fine. I don't want to say sweeter, because then you associate vanilla or something like that. In addition, this slightly balsamic, resinous and smooth smoke is preserved.

The sillage is never atomic but always in the centimetre range. You also get to smell the scent over and over again, which I consider perfect. The durability is not calculated in hours but in days, on clothes even in weeks. This is due to the high concentration of fragrance oil. Here opinions differ. Some report 30%, others even 42%. I can only say that this is the first fragrance where the sprayer is gradually covered by a creamy, crumbly mass. Not bad, you can wipe it off, but in any case the concentration of fragrance oil is extremely high.

I have been sneaking around Ambra Aurea for about 6 months now. But now I am very happy that he has moved in with me, because this fragrance is simply a potpourri of everything I love!

No more, no less.

For those who complain about the price I will give the following information. Ambra Aurea is not a fragrance that you can wear every day, even once a week is too much, especially in the warm months. But nevertheless I can only say that you can wear it at least every two weeks and thus get by with 100ml for several years.

Now the comment has become longer. After all, plans and rules are there to break them, or ?

Thanks a lot!
Your incense
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7.0 8.0 9.0 9.5/10

172 Reviews
An oriental opulent versed in resins, magnified.
I'm trying it these days, and I can only say that ... It's Hallucinatory !!! A pity to have such a limited pocket, because if not, a bottle of this elixir would come home right now.

Ambra Aurea is a mix of amber and amazing smoked wood. An amber in all its splendor, sweet, resinous, a tinge dusty with animal and raw touches, and very smoky by the incense, almost touching the liturgical, but without falling squarely on it, a beautiful thing, full of opulence and mastery.

With the first spray, for now, I came to mind "Ambre Fetiche", but it's funny, because when you bring your nose does not smell the same, is a more raw amber, animalic and a tad sweeter, but what projects is Something similar, with that resinous, leaden and somewhat metallic amber that I like so much about AF. Then, little by little, the incense comes into play, making the fragrance a balsamic amber, sweet and very smoky, with a strong load of incense, a smoked wood with sweet nuances of amber, precious. The rest of the perfume is this accord of smoked wood and amber, but with subtle nuances of leather and patchouli, which make the aroma something more complex and precious, staying in skin, until it dies flush with skin gradually. An oriental beauty based on resins, which removes hiccups.

How could it be otherwise the performance of this potion is very good, with a duration in skin that exceeds 10 hours and an important wake in the first hours of the application, then drops to moderate, and progressively goes down to die flush with skin.

A night perfume, of cold and temperate climates. A weapon of mass seduction for an elegant date. It is a perfume of special occasions, it would be a waste to use it every day.

Obligatory proof for all lovers of orientals versed in resins, a unique beauty, not suitable for everyone, the quality of ingredients is noted and as a result, its price is high, but, in my humble opinion, it deserves every cent that is ask for it, a real pity that my pocket is not looser to allow me, right now, a bottle of this elixir, because if not, it would already be in my collection, although I do not rule it out in the near future ...

Sorry for my bad english.


Itchynose 7 months ago
A sweet oriental combo of frankincense and myrrh. Smoky, alluring and exotic like a hookah lounge.+1

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