Dulcis in Fundo (2001)

Dulcis in Fundo by Profumum Roma
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Dulcis in Fundo is a popular perfume by Profumum Roma for women and men and was released in 2001. The scent is sweet-gourmand. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Mandarin, Orange, Vanilla, Citruses



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Submitted by DirkDS, last update on 26.01.2020.
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10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    1
Che bellezza! What a late bloomer!
I love my left arm, I hang constantly with the nose on it, because it smells so wonderfully... I can't do anything anymore without this scent, I can't think anything anymore... What a fantastic vanilla wave is sloshing over me! I don't really smell the orange either on the scent strip from the store or on my freshly purchased copy. I think I'm more likely to perceive mandarin, and then a little white chocolate, which is probably due to the vanilla, which is the main aroma in many white chocolates.
I perceive this fragrance development from citrus to vanilla very strongly and it does not take too long to penetrate to this soft sweetness; after one and a half hours it stands completely in the foreground and fills the room consolingly and warmly. That's why I like Dulcis in Fundo so much for dark November. So much soul food is in it, and I love the thought that I can take it with me everywhere, it accompanies me as a fragrance.
But the fascinating thing is that I didn't like the scent at all at the beginning. When I tried to get to know Profumum I saw Confetto, Dolce Acqua, Sorriso, Dulcis in Fundo and Acqua e Zucchero on cards and both Sorriso and Dulcis in Fundo didn't give me anything, I found them rather annoying.
After a good two weeks the cards developed and my office turned into a vanilla sea. Sweet and pleasant at every job I do here at my desk. But apart from the room scent, which was a mixture of the two less beloved, while the others were used as bookmarks, neither Sorriso nor Dulcis in Fundo pleased me on the cards, not even after two weeks. Only in the room were they wonderful.
After three weeks they both had their breakthrough, and I couldn't let their nose go of them anymore. So there's a development going on. But the perfection of the late fragrance is something I can't get close to - I would have to do without the shower for three weeks like in the baroque era. Therefore it seems to me to be a good idea what has often been suggested here: to take the scent with you on a piece of fabric.
I want to try it tomorrow with my brand new Dulcis in fundo, which I now also find so incredibly beautiful on the arm. I must first test the different ways in which the scent unfolds. And that's where Profumum seems to take quite a bit of time. Patience. A long breath. That's probably what you mean when you say: Dulcis in fundo
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10.0 6.0 10.0 10.0/10

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Very helpful Review    11
What a fragrance. When I met him a few days ago, it was love at first sight.
Actually, I went to the perfumery, um
i've read some wonderful things about you and need to try you out" list to sniff out. You all know it.
I brought time with me, because I was looking forward to at least an hour full of scents and dreams, out of everyday life. Outside rain and wind, the hectic big city and then briefly dive into the noblest perfumery of the city. There calm, a large scented candle of Dyptique vanilla burns and a friendly and noble lady takes the umbrella off me. I deliberately say lady, since I definitely prefer more mature saleswomen in the beauty sector.
"May I get you an espresso," which asks her, "what can I do for you?" Not that you think I dressed nobly or performed in a business look. No, jeans and soft shell jacket, cougar sneakers.
I'll have an espresso. It tastes wonderful.
And then I show her my test list.
"But they have set themselves a lot of goals, I suggest 3, a nose can't do more".
So I'm thinking about which three of the list get priority.
Whether it was the candle or the weather and the cosy warmth there or the espresso, but at the moment it's clear to me that I want vanilla.
In the price segments of this perfumery there are no sweet sticky vanilla fragrances. Nevertheless, I mention that vanilla must be special and not too sweet. But it should also be somehow lively.
Soothing, like wellness and sauna.
When it smells so soft and wonderful.
I don't care about my list now. I want vanilla.
She smiles, pulls out dulcis in fundo, sprays it on a white feather and waves it around.
It happened to me. Right away.
No, I don't smell cake or cookies or tart or pudding.
It does not smell gourmandig at all for me (I am probably the only one here). It smells of orange, mandarin and vanilla but in the same way as many an infusion in the sauna. The dominant orange at the beginning says goodbye quite quickly and there remains such a beautiful touch of her back now overlaid by one of the best vanilla I have ever smelt.

Now you might wonder if you like the smell of sauna?
Yeah, I like that!
For me it associates well-being and relaxation. Warmth.
This perfume relaxes, wraps you in a cuddly fragrant towel, which you can still find at
I found a spout in the sauna.
I like this scent very much.
I bought a little bottle. Handbag size for a lot of money.
The nice lady sprayed me to the
I had to finish it all over again and so neither the rain nor the wind outside nor anything bothered me.
I was warm and comfortably wrapped up.
Even though my visit there was much too short and my list still has to wait, but after this love at first sight, it would have seemed like a betrayal to me to test more fragrances.
There's time.
By the way, without knowing where it came from,
my sweetheart asked me in the evening when we would go to the sauna again.
I knew why he asked that ...
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7.0 7.0 8.0 9.0/10

262 Reviews
Smells like a delicious orange and vanilla fudge
I came across Dulcis in Fundo a few days ago, I tested the scent on a paper strip but I didn't care too much until I left the mall. Right off the bat, the first impression I had was a sort of luscious fudge, an authentic creamsicle, a soft sweet made from sugar, butter, cream, and dark blood orange that is bordering on the bitter and tart side. I fell in love with that gourmand aroma and today I wore it. Here you are my sensations about it.

Dulci in Fundo opens with a pretty fresh, very tart orange, ripe and juicy, like a clementine being peeled, complete with the sharpness of citrus oil on your fingers, more like the tangy aroma of dark, ruby-red blood oranges. The note is concentrated, deep, tart and a little bit bitter. Then the sweetness intensifies and becomes richer as if drizzled with Grand Marnier, and a rising touch of luscious, creamy, pure vanilla tops it all off. I do catch a remarkable sweet floral note, I reckon a note of white orange blossoms, a note not listed is in the composition. The opening can be summed as an orange cake with orange blossom flavor, a very sweet, heavy floral, honey-like fragrance with short ylang-ylang like and a suave, balsamic sweet fragrance.

As it softens you smell like a delectable dessert, more grown-up than a creamsicle but still capricious. There is a spicy after kick as well, to give it some grown-up flair! The heart reminds me of vanilla cake and a hint of cinnamon. It smells like a delicious orange and vanilla fudge. Very smooth, creamy and powdery at the same time.

After a long while, it develops to a woody, creamy and sweet fragrance. There is almost something creamily woody deep, deep down because there is a subtle impression of gingerbread to the waffle base. More, there are smoky notes, faint incense feeling, and just that rich, thick vanilla, but it's not cloying, sweet or overpowering. And there is the barest trace of tobacco around the edges during the drydown. although I don't think tobacco is cited as a note. The dry down is reminiscent of vanilla cake and marshmallow filling.

Sillage is impressive and incredibly long lasting! Well suited for men and women. Perfect for cold weather and cozy fires.it is rich as butter frosting but not at all cloyingly sweet. This is simply delicious! I can not stop smelling my wrists! it's not too strong, I just get whiffs every now and then, but when I put my wrist to my nose, it is divine. The real gourmet, fluffy ice cream that melts the second it touches your tongue. It morphs into a much creamier vanilla, very much like vanilla buttercream frosting. This perfume is simple but not boring because it really does take you on a heavenly olfactory journey.

2 Replies
6.0 7.0 10.0 9.0/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    8
Ambivalent scent impression ever!
At the beginning it smells very intensely of mandarins, almost like a concentrate. But this impression lasts only a few minutes, then an incredible full, warm, soft vanilla is added. So far, so nice...

And here it comes! At first I didn't even think about the scent... Suddenly I smell mould in my nose! After a short helplessness whether the cause I sniff at my wrist and actually!

If a perfume can get moldy, that's my next thought! So log in to Parfumo and see if others have noticed it too. In fact, between all the hymns of praise, there are a few quiet critical tones.

For a moment I think washing up and checking it off is the only solution, but something inside me does not want to separate. So I think I'll stay brave and give him a chance.

And what can I say, I haven't regretted it. The scent has something that keeps me hanging on my wrist. Yeah, it smells musty, but so what, I like it anyway! :-)

So how do I rate this fragrance now? Right at the beginning of my trip here, I came up with an evaluation system. So e.g. 10 means for me "I absolutely want to have", 8 "I would wear it if I got it as a present" and 5 "Something disturbs".

And "Dulcis in Fundo"? He's a 10 if he wasn't also a 5 somehow... I have no choice but to give him a 7.5. But I'm not satisfied with that.

I put him on my wish list anyway, which would actually be at least a 9, because he fascinates me and keeps me busy and is still there the next morning and fascinates me!
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7.0 8.0 10.0 10.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    8
2 desserts in one
First you can notice a nice intense fruity-sweet note, when you actually think you have a little bowl full of mandarins in front of you, which are already releasing some of their juice.

The tangerine is accompanied by another fruity sweetness that harmonizes wonderfully with the tangerine and is due to the orange.

These two notes are enveloped in a very fine and subtle citric hint that ensures that the tangerine - orange dessert appears pleasantly fresh and even cooling.

Already at the beginning a "hunch" is to be noticed, which in the further process the language verschlägt.

1.5 hours later the "hunch" unfolded completely.

An incredibly warm, creamy, sweet vanilla has now revealed itself and since there were still a few small pieces of orange left, they were of course used for a 2nd dessert.

Yes, you have read correctly, today there are 2 desserts :-)

A loose, lightly browned ladyfingers sponge cake - ground, which was refined with a fine touch of almond aroma just came out of the oven.

On this soil the warm, creamy vanilla has been distributed in a beautiful fat layer.

In this layer hide the small remaining pieces of orange, which let the scent now become a wonderful smelling cheese cake.

At the top, right in the middle of the cheesecake, the last 3 orange pieces were draped as decoration in the finest precision on it.

In the last 3 hours the fragrance finishes with a very pure, creamy, sweet, cuddly vanilla.

This is for me Dulcis in Fundo.

In total, the fragrance lasts 11.5 hours on my skin.

In the first 3 hours, the Sillage is designed in such a way that one is clearly perceived at the 1.5 meters and then swings for 2 hours to a very clearly perceptible whole arm length, before it is reduced to the end of the fragrance in minimal steps.
4 Replies
10.0 10.0 10.0 5.0/10

261 Reviews
Last but not least
One of my friends told, that DULCIS IN FUNDO is Tirrenico with vanille and fruits, and it does not change much. I kindly express my disagreement.

This perfume is sweet-tempered at the beginning. After that such scent is creeping in my nose that I can not interpret as perfume. Driftwood and marsh sediment with sun lotion, and every bit of molecules hit my nose with 100% authenticity of these notes. Base is a long ago soaking and rotting seaweed with nauseating vanille. As far as the eye can see, only brown, grey, pale and dying colors. Perfect choice to evoke a stroll in a marsh, but not enough distinguished to wear it among people, daily. I really feel nauseous, even when someone wears it close to me.

Nevertheless it is impossible to give low rate for DULCIS IN FUNDO, since quality of ingredients, sillage, longevity, everything qualifies this fragrance for worthy for test. Strong juice that can provide people with totally different feelings and impressions.
5.0 7.5 10.0 9.0/10

16 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
Total -southern- comfort.
When I was young(er) I had a period when I drank the infamous Southern Comfort rather frequently. Probably I had a little to much at some point, because now I haven´t tasted it for at least 20 years.

The opening of Dulcis in Fundo remind me of Southern Comfort, it´s sweet citruses, fluent yet bursting liquor note and at once it´s transporting me to a totally comforting mood. The vanilla chimes in (I don´t recall any vanilla in Southern Comfort) and eventually becomes the very dominant part of Dulcis in Fundo, but it´s a complex and shifting vanilla going from sweet, creamy and moist to dark, smoky and slightly bitter eventually.

Dulcis in Fundo is a must try if you´re at all interested in gourmand fragrances.It´s sweet, yet very grown up. Lasting power is excellent and all together it´s one of my fave gourmand perfumes. I wish i could drink it... oh, wait a minute, maybe I could? I guess I have to buy me a bottle of Southern Comfort and do a side by side comparison. :)
3 Replies


Itchynose 6 months ago
Warm sponge vanilla cake with candied orange peel on top.+1
Lexa 3 years ago
Lemon-vanilla tart with a slight salty popcorn smell on the drydown.Make sure you understand that the fragrance has been reformulated!+3

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