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Aksum is a popular perfume by Pryn Parfum for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is animal-resinous. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production.
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Prin Lomros

Fragrance Notes

Goat's hair, Hyraceum, Assam oud, Saffron, Immortelle, Asphalt, Persian galbanum, Jasmine sambac, Hay absolute, Tuberose, Somalian myrrh, Frankincense, Opoponax, Taif rose, Cumin, Turmeric, Spikenard, Costus, Thai oud, Dragon's blood



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Submitted by Michael, last update on 30.04.2020.
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Over rough and smooth
The sale ends for today... I've taken enough and my goods are running out Slowly I pack my things and leave the market place. The way home leads me like every day through our small dry walkways. Past the small chapels from which the delicate incense mist reaches my nose. My way crosses the area of the wealthy merchants, here too the scent of their wealth does not escape me, with their tempting spices and their so completely different incense. An incense so deep, so dark and so sublime.
The last steps follow until I finally arrive home. Past the Immortelle and the little rosebushes... Finally I see my little hut in the distance, next to the wonderful dragon tree, which was there long before me... I don't know if it was planted by my ancestors. But what I do know... It brings me luck and good fortune, because now and then it shares its fruit with me... These fruits are worth much more than my other goods in our trade market. The merchants outbid one another in buying these berries. They tell me they are good for medicine, for dyeing things. I cannot do anything with such things.

I am a goatherd, like my father before me and my ancestors. I live and enjoy my life as I lead it. It is a family tradition and for me it is holier than anything else -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------br />
Prin has created an incredibly beautiful fragrance with Aksum in my eyes.
A wonderful resinous scent, which in my eyes has no equal. It has so much to offer:

From its smokiness of the various finely tuned incense types, to the resinous notes and dry floral meadow. Finally, a special setting was created for oud, which is completely different from the typical oud paths.
There is always a light animlic note that resonates. I personally perceive this as beautiful. It is also not comparable with the animalistic of a "mriga", which is also wonderfully realized. In this fragrance I find it to be much softer. Goat's hair is certainly there, but it is a clean goat, not an unkempt one ;)
This fragrance is wearable for me at any time of the year, I even find it relatively refreshing on this day.
Now of course I am even more excited about "Aran", which also contains goat hair and is from Prin.

Is Aksum a must-have?
I would say yes, at least to the people who appreciate Prin's work. The only downside would be price $520 for 50 cc's...
Well, let's see... Every now and then your wallet has to bite the bullet ;) So the time will come sometime.

Thanks to the dear Caligari, for the test copy of this wonderful fragrance.

P.S. AdAstra72, I once used your motto as a hashtag ;)
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