Jardin d'Iris 2016

Jardin d'Iris by Pryn Parfum
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6.4 / 10 4 Ratings
Jardin d'Iris is a perfume by Pryn Parfum for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is aquatic-fresh. The production was apparently discontinued.
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Submitted by Frankie, last update on 06.04.2022.
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Flowers above the expiry date
Recently I have been working with the fragrances of Pryn Parfums, a brand that was unknown to me before But if you are offered the opportunity to get to know an unknown label and their fragrance creations, then I don't say no.
And so a quite extensive test package came to me, including several samples of Pryn perfumes. These samples had previously made a long journey from Thailand to Germany, I would like to mention that here. I think, I would not have the idea to order fragrance samples from Asia without further ado.
But the perfume / perfuma would otherwise not be registered here, if he / she did not want to stick his / her nose into everything smelling as much as possible, whether beautiful or less beautiful.
And a pronounced curiosity drives us all forward.

So I took the specimen with the inscription "Jardin d'Iris" to my hand But very quickly a considerable disappointment followed. At first the name suggests a fine and flowery-powdery scent. But there is nothing to notice of this here at all, because according to the description it should be an aquatic-fresh scent.
I can confirm the aquatic impression, unfortunately I don't find anything fresh about the fragrance at all.
Flowery notes have been used, but these have not been fresh for quite some time.
I clearly perceive blue rain, whose smell I do not like very much in the wild, however beautiful the magnificent flower clusters look. I perceive the smell as dull, obtrusive and somehow oily. This has been realized very authentically here in the fragrance.
Water lily, iris and hydrangea are said to have been used. I can't make that out, the blue rain stubbornly drowned everything out for the time being. And I don't know any scented hydrangeas yet
An aquatic note should actually bring a certain freshness, but I wonder what the hopeful perfumer had in mind for this aquatic note.
A composition of salt, air chord (how should it smell?) and Japanese incense.
It looks to me like stale pond water that has been tilted for a long time and in which the last remaining planting has been floating around lifelessly for a long time and is accumulating more and more in front of it. Absolutely no nice impression and I feel more than uncomfortable with this creation.
But in order to reproduce the impressions as accurately as possible, I tested Jardin d'Iris three times and each time this impression of withered flowers, dull blue rain and stale pond water appeared.
No, I can't think of any occasion this scent would suit. It's too morbid, too inharmonious and makes me feel more annoyed than happy And I can't let scents put me in that mood The whole thing fortunately has a not so extensive durability (approx. 6 hours) and does not radiate so extremely. In this case it was not too bad
So far I have tested a few scents from Pryn, but I have to say that the big litter has not been there for me yet. There are still some scents waiting for me to get to know them. But I remain sceptical, Pryn Parfums will probably not become my favourite brand.
The small vials with sprayer are a medium catastrophe, spray once and the spray head is immediately jammed. This is also not quite successful.

I would like to add that with such imaginative scents as the air chord or wet cobblestone and similar little tricks, I am always inclined to feel ridiculed. I know that it is supposed to express which scent perception is to be evoked, but somehow I can never really take such scent components seriously.
I guess I'm a little too pragmatic and sober for that.

I'd rather not go into that garden. Perhaps the garden is one house down the road from here, more beautiful, more fragrant... And the flowers can be put in the organic waste bin
Okay, enough nagging for today ;-)
Perhaps there is something conciliatory to be found in the remaining samples.

Many thanks to Angua for the exciting test opportunity!
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