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Turkish Leather by Pryn Parfum
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Turkish Leather is a popular perfume by Pryn Parfum for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is sweet-leathery. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production.
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Leather, Suede, Lokum, Pimento, Caramelised date, Cocoa powder, French cistus, Ambergris, Laotian oud, Frankincense, Raki



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Submitted by Frankie, last update on 04.01.2021.
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Reconciliation with Pryn perfume
I have quite a few of the fragrances from the Pryn Parfum line, I admit that openly and honestly, as I am, I admit that The whole concept has unfortunately hardly opened up to me after extensive testing and has proven to be not very comfortable and wearable for my preferences.
Too often wilted flowers, stagnant water and similarly strange odor compositions were involved. I would hardly call that a scent
But as I sniffed my way through 10 fragrances unwaveringly, I was finally able to discover one that I really like. And that even from a scent I can't do anything with. Leather... Oh horror, oh horror.
When I read "leathery" I know that it is time to disappear in a cloud of dust on the horizon. Leathery notes are always very unpleasant to me and have already disliked many a fragrance, no matter how good it may be.
I just don't like to smell it when it's all too dominant. In the background, as an accompanying and supporting note, I find leather pleasant, so it doesn't bother me.

So I was more than sceptical when I took the sample from Turkish Leather. If leather already appears in the name, then it will probably be the full leather drone and a tear, which washed itself, could then even be written.
But what actually followed was a more than pleasant surprise!

Already with the first sprayer I didn't hear any oily musty leather, but a nice, very well balanced and finely spiced scent, which could have come directly from one of those great shops that sell lots of oriental delicacies. These fine little dingles, which are so delicious that you never know what to take first and where you are always tempted to say "I'd like it all!"
If it weren't for these weight problems... not to mention the wallet
There it starts with a warming spicy note and a fine appetizing sweetness. This should come from the combination of lokum (small sweet morsels of boiled syrup, often with the addition of citrus flavours, rose water, chopped nuts, almonds, pistachios, rolled in icing sugar or coconut flakes, found in practically every market in Turkey), allspice and date, the date is even caramelised in this case. This sweetness is actually anything but intrusive, I would rather call it balanced.
A fine leathery note is also noticeable early on, but this one is, contrary to what I expected and feared, very pleasant and reserved and does not stand out unpleasantly for a second and does not remind me of worn leather jackets, scrappy briefcases or other horrors.
A boulder fell from my heart This warm and spicy sweetness lasts for many hours and is later deepened with a touch of incense and a little amber Other notes like Raki or Oud are probably only used in the most economical doses, I can't really smell them, but that doesn't bother me either. All this rounds off the fragrance really nicely.

A particularly exciting progression is not to be noticed with Turkish Leather, the fragrance retains its warm spiciness throughout. I didn't even mind the linear nature of the scent, on the contrary, I find it very pleasant here that the scent can still be perceived after many hours just as it was at the beginning.

Another plus point worth mentioning is the excellent durability of loosely 12 hours with a moderate projection. You will be noticed with this scent, but Turkish Leather is never obtrusive and therefore also suitable for the office.
I would rather recommend the colder season than the warmer. The spicy-sweet combination might be a bit too much at high temperatures. But you could just try it.
Unfortunately, I must also note here that the sprayer of the small sample oil is worked underground and you have to really get the spray head out again after one spray
I am glad that I have found one among many of my unpleasant scents of Pryn, which I like very much and which reconciles me a little bit with the scent of leather But other leather scents continue to be viewed with suspicion.

Here I can say that this test series has found a conciliatory conclusion for me and I thank Angua once again very much for allowing me to test the Pryn perfumes.
However, the fragrance will not move in, the procurement seems a bit complicated to me. It's not my intention to procure fragrances from the other end of the world, which then have to lie around for weeks at customs, and in terms of price it's not exactly my world either. And I also have some spicy-sweet scents there. I am well served with that But whoever wants to take on the circumstances with the procurement, can access here without hesitation.
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