25.02.2017 - 08:37 AM
The Aston Martin leather
To me Roja Dove is a genius perfumer and artist who creates his masterpieces in a very extremist pleasant way. "M" from Pure distance is an absolute luxurious leathery fragrance opens with very nice citrus notes.

The bitter facet of bergamot is a great prelude, preparing the audience for smelling a spicy-leathery scent. Although Roja created this titan using so much spice, the indispensable role of the rose in the heart could not be denied, where it gives a great and pleasant softness to the whole body of the fragrance. This is the stage you may imagine your self in a luxurious suit driving an Aston Martin, smoking a cigarette which has got vanilla as its flavor with a bouquet of roses bought for you lover on the seat.

In the dry down stage you may smell the clue of a lovely note that has been keeping you busy all through different stages from the very beginning of the perfume. Yes, that is the cinnamon which is used so artistically in this perfume in order to present a concept of a rich gentleman. Like most of Roja's creations, this is one of the best ever, benefiting a very long range of longevity and very chick sillage.

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