26.11.2014 - 11:38 PM

American version of Chanel Cristalle edt

I must confess that for a reason I myself can't quite say exactly why, I don't like some brands, and Ralph Lauren is one of them. In case you wonder which are the other ones, HB, GA, JPG, K, CH, etc ... But I was very excited to show a friend of mine my new acquisition that at the time I thought it was wonderful, well, I still do: Chanel Cristalle edt. Then my friend said it was like ... like ... RL Blue. I said Blue Pony? Blue Polo? Blue Hamptons? What/ And she said just Blue. Wow. Blue. So when I saw a 125ml bottle of the supposed Criatalle version by Ralph Laure I went for it, and the price was a catch, also.

Blue starts on my skin very flowery, as said many time before, not that acquatic and seems a little confused, busy somehow, trying to go/reach somewhere not quite sure where. But very quicly it begins to transform itself to a gorgeous scent. Frash, green, no galbanum?, earthy, and yes, it's Critalee all over my skin. In Blue however, I do get a mild scent of mosturising cream, not too strong, but defenetely feminine, but then it all gets rather soapy, wonderful and sexless, as angels are, really. It's true that Blue doesn't have some of CC spiceness, coriander, but is a very close match all the same.

I am very happy with a Ralph Lauren I can appreciate, although Blue is not party time sort of scent.

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