Polo Red Extreme by Ralph Lauren

Polo Red Extreme 2017

02.07.2019 - 08:44 PM
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A dark and fragrant sweet cappuccino please...

I kind of fancy gourmand fragrances. When I decided to try some Ralph Lauren fragrances, I looked immediately at the trio of Reds. Polo Red Extreme is the most unique of the three, even if we deal with a linear non complex perfume with a slight above average performance.
You do have some citrus sweetness (or should I say red orange syrup) supporting a main note of coffe. It's not a coffe grain scent or an expresso flavour. It's closer to american coffee poured in a mug to make a cappuccino.
You also sense a bit of darkness that must come from the Ebony wood note.
The cappuccino analogy makes me wonder if there isn't a bit of cinnamon and/or cocoa in it.
Thinking about other perfumes Polo Red Extreme to my nose seems to have a similar scent to Boss THe Scent Private Accord. It must be because of the Givaudan ingredients used for the coffee note as there is no Maninka fruit in Ralph Lauren's perfume. On the other hand I sense cocoa in Polo Red Extreme and it's one of the main notes of the Hugo Boss fragrance. So I am not sure why, but one fragrance recalls me the other.
On the other hand if you plan to own this fragrance, there is no strong reason for you to look at the other Polo Reds, as there is a trong family resemblance between the three of them.
It's also worthy to say that usually the persons around me like to sniff this fragrance, especially the ladies. I already herd a bunch of comments saying that it's very "manly" and "seductive".
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