Kokain Black Intense by Rammstein

Kokain Black Intense 2021

15.07.2021 - 06:46 PM


This is actually a solid offer from German band Rammstein. One might think it is very hardcore by just name or looking at parfum notes or style of the music, which band produces . But it is not. Yes it is dark and resinous. Yes there are notes like incense,tar and tea. However it is a very wearable and enjoyable parfum, especially if you like this genre. At Least there is nothing offensive about it. There are much darker parfums than this, for me it is not even close to the edge.
I can describe this parfum as resinous,smoky and balsamic.it has nuances of tar,tea and some sweetness from resins.
There are some strong similarities or it is in the same group of parfums Carner Cuirs ( at the beginning), Nasomatto Black Afgano, Terenzi Laudano Nero. If you got one of them maybe it is redundant. But if you don't, this parfums can be a good alternative because of the price point.
Performance is also very good, way above average.

Thanks for reading

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