Oud Secret 2011

Oud Secret by Ramón Molvizar
Bottle Design Ramón Béjar
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7.0 / 10 12 Ratings
Oud Secret is a perfume by Ramón Molvizar for women and men and was released in 2011. The scent is woody-spicy. It is being marketed by Béjar.
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Submitted by Florblanca, last update on 08.08.2021.
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Oud different
I found it somehow fitting that neither a picture nor comments were available for this fragrance.
This fact somehow envelops him with a mysterious aura and that fits well to his actual effect.

Here I have to do with something that never came under my nose like this before.
A playful, flirtatious scent that is reluctant to reveal its secrets.
Spicy and tangy masculine, lovely and fresh feminine, sniffy and frowning again, biting oud! No...magically fresh spicy woodiness!
Well, what now?

Aniseed, citric and oud fall into the house together with the door and let me back.
Who came up with this strange idea?
But as soon as my arm is at a safe distance from my indignant nose, it takes on a magically fresh spicy composite that is soft, comforting and somehow inciting at the same time. Encouraging, invigorating and at the same time soft.
Like a mother who gives her child a wigging, but at the same time gives her hand to show that she will not abandon her child and they will try again together, this time it will work, because this time the child is not alone.
They'll show it to the world.

The fragrance unfolds its true complexity only at arm's length distance.
Therefore, it is also difficult for me to describe it more exactly.
The bitter, here slightly biting oud, whose girlfriend I have never been, growls at me throughout the entire fragrance process, but it is so skilfully surrounded by fresh spices, lovely flowers and creamy base notes that it simply becomes harmonious.
A fruit that I can't name more precisely also pulls a certain juicy sweetness through the entire process and prevents dehydration.

I agree with a previous speaker, it seems unbalanced and overloaded, but only directly on the skin.
The radiant scent veil, on the other hand, is more than fascinating.
I could only wear this fragrance as an experience, not as a perfume, but it takes me on too much and tells too exciting a story
So I'm not sad that the hiking package has to move on. But of all the tested scents of this Mr. Bejar, this one is the most memorable and exciting.

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