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Flamenco by Ramón Monegal
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8.1 / 1064 Ratings
Flamenco is a popular perfume by Ramón Monegal for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is floral-fruity. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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Damask roseDamask rose
Orange blossomOrange blossom
Atlas cedarAtlas cedar



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Submitted by Michael, last update on 24.08.2021.
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Top Review    22  
I'm just saying, daisies...
Like when you go out in the morning
by the ringing of the phone
be awakened
and to say the least
you're still a little deranged.

You've read a long time:
Karl Ove Knausgard, volumes 1 to 6,
the whole life -
and nothing understood, nothing,
nothing at all.

Here the switches were
in the past for you well placed
And it wasn't the talent
You were an early developer,
and could with ten
already in children's books
recognize the images
and meaningfully record
and with twelve already your name
write without errors,
preferably with wax crayons,
well, the writing was still a little -
how shall I put it... wobbly?
Writing after listening
has always been your discipline -
( it still is today )
and not because of
political pedagogical guidelines-
but because it suited you,
it "picked you up".

Also you could already
Mom and Dad
by the sound of their voices.
Were sensitive, with a healthy
Sense of justice:

Disputes with the others
dear little ones were gladly so solved,
that the noses were bloody.
Mainly those of others.

So it was all there
in the overall development of early childhood
for the casual
and socially acceptable togetherness
and getting ahead
in those days.

You should be able to learn and become everything
-not for school we study,
but for later life -
all great promises,
and then when you expressed wishes,
they let you - how do you say - lie on your left.

And so look,
what you have become today,
on this rainy day,
Beginning of October.


So, like I said, the phone's ringing -
you pick up the phone
and someone chews your ear off
and could pose as Helene Fischer,
Jörg Kachelmann,
Gundula Gause
or the Emperor of China,
someone important is definitely feeling it,
known from radio and television.

Or still, finally: Carmen Nebel?
( Baby, what a big surprise! )

Alone, you will understand the significance of this moment
as always not fair,
are inattentive
and don't know for sure,
who you are talking to right now
and you answer questions listlessly with "doesn't matter"
and "don't know" and "mmmmh"
and you end up slurring your words and saying "fuck you." And slamming the phone on the fork
( yes, it's still an old model )
and because you've been angry before,
you're gonna throw out the whole machine hearty and vehement to the opposite wall.

Erfurt woodchip, now damaged.

Your head is in danger untidy
and otherwise empty,
because you've got till late at night
over the top.
Is the number of strands strict ?
I think so
Never mind
Anyway, it's 11:38 now,
the day is still young
and you don't know exactly what to do with it Maybe for now
cultivated monothematic breakfast
and watch educational television:
ARD - Buffet or rather BR alpha
with curve discussions -
you can always use that after all,
you think,
and choose the latter.

For curves you are available, oh yes,
either with the SUV
in the bacon belt of the big city,
or also as a women's advocate.
But you don't have the money for the car and for the women anyway the deep understanding,
which it needs...

i'm just saying: Daisies

You're always too light somehow.
And you'd need grounding,
that you have lost You are a gardener of love
and commute as an astronaut of inadequacy
and little convinced free liberal so to speak
in a vacuum.
You're so unstable and the curves join to form circles...
and everything is spinning... what's going on?

A fragrance with a nail polish remover beginning,
who challenges...
short only,
don't worry
The slightly resinous wood of the pine,
the depth
and also brings mystery.

The wink from times gone by.

Crackling paper protects Sunday clothes,
mothball protected,
in order to survive the next few years as well.

A full and dense fragrance to the satiety of the satiety -
in the times of the waning moon.


Flamenco, well.. it could also be called:

"Let's dive in
into the depths of the universe
and on purpose
step into every black hole,
on which the red shoes
start dancing"

How - ge - step.
that's too long
11 Replies

356 Reviews
Delicious Raspberry licorice perfume
I am trying this wonderful perfume and i only can say... Awesome!! Different to any other perfume i have tried before and very nice and comfortable. The perfume keeps a very nice, but a bit medicinal, sweetness during his whole Life. The mix between the soft and powdery rose and the sweet and fruity Raspberry is wonderful. For me flamenco is like wearing a Raspberry licorice on!! Sweet, delicious and long lasting! The saffrong gives some powdery and spicy vibe, amolified with a very subtle hint of iris, and the musk gives a long Life to the fragance.
The performance is great. The quality of the ingredients seems to be very high. The longevity is also high, more than 8 hours on skin, and the projection is moderate but good and oerfectly noticeable. Innadition the sillage keeps for some hours on a high standard.
I think flamenco is a unisex perfume, although in my opinión, It would be worn more for women than by men. Weareable during the day because of his fruity character and some freshness that It has, but good also for night use due to his sweetness.
Flamenco has just become one if my favourite perfumes!

Scent: 9.5
Longevity: 9
Sillage: 8
Quality/price: 8
Versatility: 8
Originality: 9
Global: 9.5
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Top Review    12  
red lacquer and a bright-roooted rubber boat
On a stroll through the city to finally get all the Christmas presents, I "by chance" passed one of my favourite perfumeries, which almost only carry niche perfumes...

"Well, have a quick look, see what's new, get a quick impression and then off to look for presents!" - This was my thought when I entered the shop...

The dear saleswoman waved to me from afar and wanted to entrust me immediately with all the scents, oh how beautiful... ;-)
I told her I just wanted to take a "quick" look at the new ones and off we went... I got to know the 5 new ones within 10 minutes, but now I've been in the business for 45 minutes... What happened there?

"Here, look at this one, ......or this one, .....oh you might like this one, .....oh and you have to try this one......" Yeah, you all know how it is... once inside, time goes by and it is already dark outside ;-) hahaha...

The newcomers couldn't really get me off my feet, so the dear saleswoman showed me a few scents that I might like otherwise She remembered that I love saffron and somehow we ended up in Ramon Monegal's Flamenco...

Although I don't like fruity things at all, I think the raspberry is really well integrated here and hardly noticeable on my skin...

After the spraying I first of all perceive a very medical note - yes, I like that very much... the more medical, the better :) It almost smells sterile, plaster comes to mind and an unnatural artificial varnish note... Hmmm... do I like it? I can't tell yet...

This artificial lacquer note quickly turns into a rubbery saffron scent, I like that...! great!

In addition there is a discreet sweetness, which softly rounds off this rubber note... ...to which is added a fine, rather cryptic red rose... Beautiful, elegant and dainty
A gentle powdery touch wafts around the now slightly sweet and fruity saffron, which still has a slightly rubbery feel I don't really recognize the raspberry itself, there is only a fine fruitiness which complements the rubbery saffron wonderfully... Maybe that's why it doesn't bother me...

In the base fine woods are added, which give the fragrance an enormous hold and round off wonderfully...

All in all, I would say, flamenco is very successful!
The top note with the lacquer-like appeal is perhaps a little bit unusual at the beginning... but heart and base are so great and unique, they rip everything out...

So after about 1 hour and a lot of scent impressions later I am back on the street, have a smile on my face and a sample of flamenco in my luggage :)

Since I always want to test a fragrance extensively first, I did not take flamenco home that day... BUT after further tests it turned out that I really like the fragrance - including the lacquered top note - and so it came about that the fragrance was now allowed to move in with me :-)

I think that it is exactly this lacquered - rubbery note that makes the fragrance so unique and that is exactly what I like - uniqueness :-)
4 Replies


BertolucciKBertolucciK 5 months ago
A heavy dose of raspberry, apple, a jammy rose and lot of amber. Sweet but elegant, slightly spicy, musky, a bit woody with pine and cedar.
MariaSMariaS 5 months ago
A rose-raspberry combo, very sweet, feminine, kind of old fashioned perfume but very well made with good performance!
BoBoChampBoBoChamp 7 months ago
Initially juicy and fruity-sweet, a warm and gently spicy, yet powdery fruity-floral Spring fragrance, balanced by a dusty earthy-woody base
EmorandeiraEmorandeira 1 year ago
Flamenco is as wearing a delicious Raspberry licorice the whole day on. It is long lasting and leave a nice trail. Sweet, powdery...Awesome!
SergioTSergioT 2 years ago
One of my favorite perfume ever. Sweet Raspbery and rose. Red luxury. Magnificent.
HermeshHermesh 4 years ago
Initially flowery and “emotional”, however, reminds very soon of a mix of rose flavored lokum and fruit jelly candy.

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