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Dhanal Oudh Nashwah by Rasasi
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Dhanal Oudh Nashwah is a popular perfume by Rasasi for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is oriental-smoky. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesHoney, Nutmeg, Oud
Heart Notes Heart NotesImmortelle, Juniper, Oud
Base Notes Base NotesCedar, Leather, Amber, Oud



8.3 (48 Ratings)


8.6 (44 Ratings)


8.0 (45 Ratings)


8.0 (43 Ratings)
Submitted by Somebody, last update on 13.11.2019
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DarkbeatDarkbeat 12 months ago

„An exquisite smoky sweetness”

I love!! I can not say anything else, was to try it on a sample of an exchange, and today, I am the happy owner of a complete bottle, a pity that the bottle...
JoaoMartinsJoaoMartins 12 months ago

„The worst perfume I've ever smelled, by far”

I usually don't write bad reviews on perfumes. When I have bad feedback I just write a statement here on Parfumo. But this one, oh my god....
9.0 8.0 9.0 9.5/10

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Helpful Review    6
There burns the hat or How inexpensive great scents can be!
I had bought the fragrance about 2 weeks ago blind, because I was looking for something "Nísche" for the small price.

Full of anticipation the package opened and first of all the really great, made of wood, over packaging admired. In my opinion, the bottle itself is also very beautifully designed and offers a foretaste of the fragrance it encloses.

Said done and sprayed a shot on the wrist....WOW....full on the 12...
My inner voice I hear admonishingly saying: "This will be difficult to integrate the scent into everyday life" ;
even though he likes with personal, right away at first go.

So first tested the scent for me at home and demonstrated it to my sweetheart.
Her original tone: "But he smells good, so masculine, but also gentle, lovely, flattering, but I can understand if you don't like the scent well. It's a statement !POINT!

Okay, so it's not a total disaster for my environment, I guess.

Through Oud Wood I came to the taste of Oud fragrances, although this compared to Dhanal Oudh Nashwah (DON) rather, as I now know, like the dear little sister, who at the Easter fire with native distance, that flaming spectacle from the safe distance regards, works
DON is the guy who can't stand close enough to the fire and thinks to himself: "What can cause a little fire like that"... "unfortunately" or "thank God" this guy forgets that a spark on the wrong underground can ignite a conflagration of biblical proportions. (and that's, as funny as it sounds, meant positively)
(Scent vehicle's note: The guy is me, the spark is (DON), the underground is the office :) )
2 weeks later the courage seized and the smell released on my environment.
And what can I say: I have never received so much feedback on a perfume before and almost all of them positive
(colorfully mixed, whether male or female, although I have to say that my colleagues found this smell a little better than the men)
The magic word here is: "Dosage" ! ....2 sprays are perfectly sufficient and this fragrance is also well wearable in hot weather and in the office.

What is the fragrance like now:
The fragrance starts like an incense swirl filled to the brim, filled with oud and other woods that have almost been burned.
However, this smoke is not a pungent, biting representative, but is directly accompanied by a pleasant sweetness that comes from honey. The honey is not sticky and too sweet, but keeps the woods together. So to speak, a very light wood glue that holds everything together.

In addition there are slightly herbaceous notes, (juniper for sure, I don't know Immortelle from the smell)
which perfectly round off the fragrance.

After approx. 2 hours the scent becomes softer and rounder with me This is for me the most beautiful part of the fragrance process.
The woods, the honey....everything is soft, rounded, never stinging.
For me a dream.

Durability and Sillage:
Surely above average, that's why you should dose sparingly during the day, you shouldn't work alone as an archivist :)

It remains to be said that I am curious how the scent changes in winter and how it works on a summer evening when I go away.
For me the fragrance is really an insider tip, but it requires a portion of courage from its wearer.
Also I can say that the fragrance is by far not for everyone, but with the price, everyone should try it, who wants to try something different.

Clearly unisex, although it also depends on the type man and woman.
For someone who is introverted and cannot handle comments of any kind, this fragrance should be used with caution.
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10.0 7.0 8.0 9.0/10

3 Reviews
Burning cuban cigar
Burning cuban cigar, spiced with lightly sweet honey and nutmeg, near an old leather gentlemen's club armchair. The presentation and quality are amazing, and the price is just ridiculous! Of all the “hidden gem” fragrances discussed in the community, this is the only one that I actually find amazing.
9.0 9.0 9.0 8.0/10

12 Reviews
Sweet bomb!
This was a blind buy that I loved form the first try! The box is very interesting made of real wooden leafs, the bottle is also great! At first spray it is very sweet overwhelmed by the honey a little woody with some of a tobacco accord in the back. It has strong sillage and longevity.
8.0 8.0 9.0 9.0/10

162 Reviews
Helpful Review    5
An exquisite smoky sweetness
I love!! I can not say anything else, was to try it on a sample of an exchange, and today, I am the happy owner of a complete bottle, a pity that the bottle only brings 40ml of this magical elixir, but at least, the presentation and packaging are of luxury, magnificent work of this house.

The start is sweet, woody, spicy, dirty and balsamic, incredibly oriental and addictive, irresistible, very well balanced, neither excessively sweet nor excessively dirty, at its perfect point of balance. Little by little the juniper is opening up, adding a green, woody and balsamic tinge to the mix, spectacular. Then, the aroma is filled with smoked wood, exotic and warm, with a slight amber nuance, very elegant. An exquisite aroma, very well worked, where you can see a pillar of oud, leather and cedar, which runs through the aroma from start to finish, and for which hundreds of nuances of honey, amber, nutmeg, juniper and strawberry leaves revolve , which make it an intermittent track of nuances. An elegant, exotic and complex perfume that does not leave indifferent, for better or for worse.

Perfume of excellent duration, without objections, with a moderate wake high at the beginning, then decreases until moderate, which is not bad, it is noted wherever you go, but without saturating, except if you over-apply. These impressions are based on 4 atomizations of the perfume, which are what I normally apply. An exotic aroma and with character for cold or temperate climates and definitely for the night.

Sorry for my bad english.

5 Reviews
The worst perfume I've ever smelled, by far
I usually don't write bad reviews on perfumes. When I have bad feedback I just write a statement here on Parfumo. But this one, oh my god. There aren't enough words to describe it.

I usually don't blind buy. I was unfortunate enough to blind buy this "perfume". I read so many good things about this one on a private Facebook group. I analysed the notes, the scent classification etc etc and everything sounded so good to be true. 20 bucks for a magnifique scent. I love oud, I love honey, so yes please.

No thanks, actually. I sprayed this Chernobyl water one time, and one time only. I almost vomited. No joke here. It made me nauseous immediately and I desperately run to a bathroom cleaning myself. The opening smelled like an old stinky basement full of bolor, humidity, mixed with rotten animal corpses. Absolutely dreadful. The only thing I can get from this "masterpiece" is putrid honey. Not a sweet and delicious creamy honey. Just a sharp and nauseous honey. The performance is abismal. It projects and stays on your skin even after you shower or in my case after I washed my hand 5 times.

Just thinking about this scent I almost become ill-disposed.
Unless you like to smell like pure faeces, don't buy this thing.
2 Replies
10.0 9.0 9.0 10.0/10

43 Reviews
this is a honey oud that dries down to a musk that competes with the big boys
wowee; strong, masculine, $25 on beautyspin; top notes are oud, coffee, chocolate, tobacco but it really is oud, honey, leather and wood according to the notes; dries down in the middle sweet honey and oud then to a dirty, musky, skanky, salty almost ambergris, after-sex smell b; an element similar to Roja Enslaved, Habanita, Westwood's Boudior or Balahe.


Carlitos01 3 days ago
First, the intense opening sweetness, then the juniper & animalic leather aggressiveness. From beginning to end, the pungent oud. Fantastic!+1
JoaoMartins 14 months ago
Absolutely dreadful fragrance! The worst perfume I've ever smelled. Smells like an old house full of cadavers. Stay away from this+4

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