Dhanal Oudh Nashwah by Rasasi
5.0 10.0 10.0 0.5/10
The worst perfume I've ever smelled, by far
I usually don't write bad reviews on perfumes. When I have bad feedback I just write a statement here on Parfumo. But this one, oh my god. There aren't enough words to describe it.

I usually don't blind buy. I was unfortunate enough to blind buy this "perfume". I read so many good things about this one on a private Facebook group. I analysed the notes, the scent classification etc etc and everything sounded so good to be true. 20 bucks for a magnifique scent. I love oud, I love honey, so yes please.

No thanks, actually. I sprayed this Chernobyl water one time, and one time only. I almost vomited. No joke here. It made me nauseous immediately and I desperately run to a bathroom cleaning myself. The opening smelled like an old stinky basement full of bolor, humidity, mixed with rotten animal corpses. Absolutely dreadful. The only thing I can get from this "masterpiece" is putrid honey. Not a sweet and delicious creamy honey. Just a sharp and nauseous honey. The performance is abismal. It projects and stays on your skin even after you shower or in my case after I washed my hand 5 times.

Just thinking about this scent I almost become ill-disposed.
Unless you like to smell like pure faeces, don't buy this thing.
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