Dhanal Oudh Nashwah by Rasasi
Review by Darkbeat

Dhanal Oudh Nashwah

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Helpful Review    11/07/2018
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An exquisite smoky sweetness
I love!! I can not say anything else, was to try it on a sample of an exchange, and today, I am the happy owner of a complete bottle, a pity that the bottle only brings 40ml of this magical elixir, but at least, the presentation and packaging are of luxury, magnificent work of this house.

The start is sweet, woody, spicy, dirty and balsamic, incredibly oriental and addictive, irresistible, very well balanced, neither excessively sweet nor excessively dirty, at its perfect point of balance. Little by little the juniper is opening up, adding a green, woody and balsamic tinge to the mix, spectacular. Then, the aroma is filled with smoked wood, exotic and warm, with a slight amber nuance, very elegant. An exquisite aroma, very well worked, where you can see a pillar of oud, leather and cedar, which runs through the aroma from start to finish, and for which hundreds of nuances of honey, amber, nutmeg, juniper and strawberry leaves revolve , which make it an intermittent track of nuances. An elegant, exotic and complex perfume that does not leave indifferent, for better or for worse.

Perfume of excellent duration, without objections, with a moderate wake high at the beginning, then decreases until moderate, which is not bad, it is noted wherever you go, but without saturating, except if you over-apply. These impressions are based on 4 atomizations of the perfume, which are what I normally apply. An exotic aroma and with character for cold or temperate climates and definitely for the night.

Sorry for my bad english.