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Egra for Men is a perfume by Rasasi for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is fresh-woody. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesJuniper berry, Spruce, Grapefruit, Violet leaf
Heart Notes Heart NotesGalbanum, Florentine iris, Fir needle
Base Notes Base NotesOakmoss, Musk, Sandalwood, Ambergris



7.2 (37 Ratings)


6.7 (31 Ratings)


6.2 (33 Ratings)


5.7 (36 Ratings)
Submitted by Smello, last update on 07.10.2019
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9 Reviews
Enter the forest: green, ambergris, firry...
I've never smelled Creed Green Irish Tweed but I love Armaf Tres Nuit. I wish it projected longer on my skin.

Same thing here: Rasasi Egra for men gives me a moderate projection for one hour and after that stays near my skin.

The smell is absolutely lovely. I love it. Simply put it smells like coniferous forest. I can't decide which one is better, Tres Nuit or this. Egra for men is dryer, more serious in a way, there's no lavender. I feel like I can layer some sweet fruit scents with Tres Nuit easily but with Egra for men I just don't want to even try. It's like Tres Nuit is an evening version of Egra. :D Apply Egra in the morning and over-apply Tres Nuit in the evening with for example some pear. :D

Spruce/fir is a nice touch! After an hour I stick my nose to my arm, exhale to warm up the scent on my skin and then inhale the firry goodness. Smells quite natural. If you have ever drawn a needle out of fir, chewed it and experienced that acidy taste and smell, Egra for men gives you that.

One youtube reviewer who's opinion I appreciate said this is on par with Davidoff Cool Water. I've never smelled Cool Water but if Cool Water's quality is this good I need to get myself a bottle!

For me this is at its best in late summer rainy days.

Edit: Oh btw, my friend's dog seem to go crazy happy when I'm wearing this. I won't let him lick my skin of course. I just remembered that I wore Egra for Men the first time I met that dog, when he was a puppy. Have I created a positive memory for my dear dog friend that connects him to his puppyhood?
5.0 5.0 7.0 8.0/10

61 Reviews
The Spruce Caboose
Pierre Bourdon’s Green Irish Tweed (GIT) is my second favourite fragrance from the house of Creed and probably one of the most iconic smells in the history of commercial perfumery, thanks to the popularity of his legendary successor - Cool Water. To the average nose, the two are extremely similar; but to a long-time fragrance enthusiast, there are significant differences that set them apart, both in quality and genre of scent.

But perhaps the biggest oversight that I’ve encountered to date is the lack of appreciation for the elegant simplicity of GIT that gives it an air of sophisticated refinement. In essence, it’s a violet leaf fragrance – a perfectly balanced one at that – with prominent supporting notes of lemon verbena, sandalwood and ambergris. It’s green, it’s bright, and it’s smooth. But most importantly, it’s SIMPLE. Every other note is essentially a frivolous accoutrement pandering to the sensitivity of the detail-oriented.

So how can a designer aquatic perfume like Cool Water (CW), with so many other notes - barely two of which are shared with GIT - smell exactly like its predecessor? Well that’s just it. It doesn’t. In fact, to date, I’ve smelled more than 5 different fragrances that attempt to emulate Pierre Bourdon’s original creation, with only varying levels of success. The reason all of them fall short is simple – they do TOO MUCH.

Rasasi’s Egra is no exception. In fact, it’s far closer to CW than anything else. But whereas CW takes on the garb of mint, rosemary and aquatic notes to fill in for the classic GIT greenness, Egra jumps headfirst into a pine forest. No, it’s not all that close to Aspen (my very first perfume ever). Aspen is far sharper, emptier in the mid, with a touch of cheap amber in the base. It’s definitely far from Tres Nuit – a scent that basically takes GIT and dunks it in a vat of lavender and sugar water.

The truth is that Egra pretty much rests somewhere in that relatively synthetic expanse between CW and GIT. It definitely has a strong and obvious CW presence with a good dose of dihydromyrcenol, but lacks those patented aquatic notes in favour of a strong violet leaf, spruce and juniper. It also shares more notes in common with GIT, albeit without the characteristic verbena.

So what is it exactly that we have here? Well, if someone were to ask, I would simply say that Egra is a greener version of Cool Water, incorporating the same piney-ness from Aspen, but with the subtle smoothness of Green Irish Tweed. In my opinion, it’s the version of Pool Water….ahhh….I mean Cool Water…that I’ve been waiting for – greener, livelier, perhaps a touch soapier, equally versatile and did I mention just as affordable?

But as a straight-up clone of GIT, would I prefer it over Tres Nuit, Stag Black, Le Parfait, Raghba, Aspen or any other popular smell-alike? Probably - although I do like the sweetness in Tres Nuit. For me, the greenness is just there, the longevity is better than most and the price is right. True, the bottle may be a little difficult to hold at first (pro tip: spray just next to the pointy end), but the atomizer works fine and you can even see the juice level between the thin black slats.

Diagnosis: My hat goes off to Rasasi for producing another winner. And although it’s not quite as amazing as Fattan (a near perfect and better performing clone of TdH Parfum), Egra is definitely no slouch. Bottom line, if you love Cool Water, you’ll love this. No question.
6.0 8.0 8.0 5.0/10

0 Reviews
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Hay in the desert?
That the Arabs can perfume, one knows at the latest since the ancient Egyptians. What they thought about Egra, however, is not quite clear to me. A bottle like the darkest night, supposedly containing a twin fragrance from Cool Water ... not at all! I don't want to speak badly of the fragrance now, because it is undoubtedly original and proves a high performance or sillage. And if you call moist hay fresh in the morning dew, you are welcome to do so. My kind of freshness, however, is not.

Rasasi does not advertise in the English packaging text at all, but rather with sensual, oriental notes. I have been smelling the scent for several hours now and yes: it is very individual, but has a green note, which I find extremely penetrating, if not a bit musty. But as we all know: Perhaps I am completely alone with this opinion! :-)

Something's sticking out of this smell that I don't like. Maybe the developers in the desert were too long on the golf course and held their noses into the freshly mown and blasted grass, which doesn't grow there as a matter of course!? ;-) The remaining ingredients may then correspond more to the classic perfume art on the spot, which results in an original, but for me completely unsuitable fragrance.

To save the honour of Egra: I would write something similar (with this one note that fits me so well) to Fahrenheit! ;-)


Skyguy 10 months ago
Great all year, classy fragrance with good longevity.You'll get violet leaf with a hint of iris in the heart and sandalwood- ambergris base.+2

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