Oudh al Misk by Rasasi

Oudh al Misk

25.10.2021 - 09:01 PM

What a lovely and fresh summer scent that can be had for peanuts...

Opening with a sharp citrus, transitioning to a sweeter creamy orange and landing on a great woody-musky base. No oud despite the name, also no ambergris but a dose of ambroxan to tie up the woods with the heartnotes. Leaning masculine, but could easily be used by women too. Projection is soft to moderate. Excellent gym scent or for office settings in summer time. If you like Versace Man eau Fraiche and the likes, this is something you'd probably find enjoyable.

Overall it's fresh, a little sweet and also a little spicy, probably due to ambroxan, geranium and vetiver.

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