Shuhrah pour Homme by Rasasi

Shuhrah pour Homme 2015

29.06.2020 - 05:37 PM

A mysterious hidden gem! Worth the purchase!.

I have got interested to the Rasasi brand with Dareej, then I blind bought Shuhrah.
At first it seemed like a bad mistake: first spray and I smelled some kind of old woman cologne, after a couple of hours I had this persistent smell on my arm (which I didn't like) and in the end I could not stand anymore those whiffs in my nose from time to time.
My girlfriend didn't like it. A couple of my friends did not like it.
I then considered to sell it.

After few months (during cold days) I decided to use it again for a sunday visit of a mall.
I suddenly got the sensation I like this fragrance.
I usually don't describe perfumes with notes, I prefer to refer to other fragrances to give an idea. This is
a very well blended fragrance, it seems like a 20% classic woman perfume (let's say a chanel n. 5), 50% a smokey ash smell (it s not the smoke of amouage interlude, that is balsamic smoke), 30% leather perfume (something strong, sort of woody as well, think about Nuit d'Issey Issey Miyake).
The result is a picture: a mature guy wakes up in the middle on the night, next to him in the bed there's a woman in her 40ies, they have been making love after a night in a club and all their clothes are scattered around the small room, the door and windows are cloes and all the smells have blended together. That is Shuhrah, it s like a painting, you don't get immediately the beauty of it, it requires time.

Have no doubt, for its price this is a gem, if you are a fragrance lover, you need to get one.

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