Cigar Black Oud

Cigar Black Oud by Rémy Latour
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6.9 / 10     8 RatingsRatingsRatings
Cigar Black Oud is a perfume by Rémy Latour for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is spicy-oriental. It is being marketed by Parour.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesSicilian lemon, Florida tangerine
Heart Notes Heart NotesCeylon cinnamon, Peru balsam
Base Notes Base NotesMusk, Precious woods, Amber, Benzoin, Tonka bean



6.9 (8 Ratings)


7.9 (7 Ratings)


7.1 (7 Ratings)


6.2 (9 Ratings)
Submitted by WiseOwl, last update on 25.09.2019.
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7.0 7.0 8.0 7.5/10

249 Reviews
Misleading name for an interesting and inexpensive musk fragrance
Cigar Black Oud... it does not have neither tobacco nor Oud. Quite a misleading name that this fragrance has.
This cologne has a great scent anyway and I'm glad I bought it.
It opens a bit harsh with the "cat piss" smell that some people identify in certain perfumes. Well, for me it's a very nice cat piss smell. The fragrance also evokes a less sweet A*Men vibe or with some of its good clones. The dvelopment seems not to exist and I qualify this fragrance as a preety linear one. I cannot identify a clear positioning of notes in different phases. All notes seems to happen at the same time.
The citrus notes are very faint. The tonka note dominates although milded by the vanilla and benzoin scents.
After 10 minutes the almost non existent residual devolpment stops and you get the nicest smell and sillage of this fragrance. The A*Men vibe is a lot fainter and now I get a stronger vibe of Agent Provocateur with a very animalic musk. Performance is above average with a longevity of 9~10 hours and a sillage of about 5~6 feet.
Once you overcome the disappointment of not smelling an oud or tobacco note as the fragrance name suggests, you end up with a very likeable EDT, with pleseant woody strong notes (very nice wood notes indeed) tamed by vanilla, cinnamon and tonka, The rulling note is really the dark musk fragrance. I heard more than one opinion that this fragrance has an evident similarity with Musc Ravageur. I tend to agree but I don't consider it a clone.

My rates for Cigar Black Oud:
Scent Opening:...........8.0 (loud opening)
Scent Drydown...........9.0 (more subtle and agreable and agreable than the opening; however the notes are the same)
Longevity:...................8.5 (9 hours with 2 good sprays)
Sillage:.........................8.5 (6~7 feet with 2 sprays)
Wearability.................6.5 (does not please everybody)
Versatility:...................7.0 (forget to use it in the Summer and sunny days during Spring and Fall)
Compliments..............6.5 (just A*men and Agent Provocateur type of scent lovers. I love it)
Presentation:..............7.5 (nice but of poor quality with some shiny fragile plastic parts)
Price:...........................10.0 (€15,00 for 125ml)

Average:....................8.00 / 10.00
I do recommend this Fragrance provided you like the A*men and Agent Provocateur type of scent. I will replace this flask when it will run out of juice.

20 Reviews
A*Men Pure Oud ?
It doesn't have the lavender that the A*Men scents have and there doesn't seem to be patchouli, but otherwise, if this was marketed as A*Men Pure Oud I would not think twice about it, in terms of consistency of naming or quality. Note that it is rather harsh at first but then it comes together nicely (assuming you like synthetic yet animalic oud notes). It might also satisfy someone who enjoys Dior's Leather Wood but wants a much cheaper alternative.


Carlitos01 13 months ago
The rulling accord is really the dark musk scent. I heard more than one opinion that this fragrance has some similarity with Musc Ravageur.+4

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