Acqua di Parisis Essenza Intensa - Musk Sultan

Acqua di Parisis Essenza Intensa - Musk Sultan by Reyane Tradition
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Acqua di Parisis Essenza Intensa - Musk Sultan is a perfume by Reyane Tradition for men. The release year is unknown. The scent is oriental-sweet. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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7.2 (18 Ratings)


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Submitted by WiseOwl, last update on 15.12.2019.
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Helpful Review    5
Too flowery for a men's scent?
I hit a bottle in the souk and I hit it. "Acqua di Parisis" - a brand that was completely unknown to me. You can get this perfume for ~ 20€/ 100 ml.
Musk Sultan is packed in a high-quality folding box. The bottle also looks noble. Only the spray head isn't really the real thing.

Unfortunately, the fragrances are not listed and can not be found on the Internet.
Starting it does it soapy - with bright floral notes. Lavender could also be there.
Musk spreads in the base.
It remains a flowery scent, slightly dirty by the musk though, but not animalistic.
..and the whole thing clearly smells feminine. I can't understand why it's not even listed as unisex.
It's a rock solid fragrance that doesn't reinvent the wheel. Well, I'd rather smell it on a woman, though.
The whole is an EDP and the Sillage and durability are accordingly high, the smell is still well perceptible after 24h.

All right, I won't wear this, and I might give it away.
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Very helpful Review    5
A sultan doesn't make a summer yet
If the word "Acqua" is contained on a fragrance, it already has my attention. Acqua di Parisis...? Never heard of it. Acqua di Parma for the poor? Maybe - the low price indicates it. But the specs allow a blind buy.

The perfume is packaged in a beautiful, fold-out box and comes in even more valuable packaging, in heavy glass with a well-fitting closure.

After the first spray, I checked again briefly whether I had possibly caught a women's perfume - but no, it is labelled as men's perfume. The name was aptly chosen, because that's exactly what the fragrance comes from: Oriental and sweet. Musk can be called it.

I had only indulged myself in a very fine spray, but the fragrance is omnipresent at the moment. Heavy and sweet, it lies in the air and is still clearly perceptible hours later and even after showering.

But: if Acqua di Parisis Essenza already bears the name Sultan, spicy, woody, smoky notes can be expected - but they are missing. I already like the musk scent - but I miss the depth, the special. In addition, a slightly earthy - almost moldy - note remains in the background, which no longer disappears. This clouds the overall result for me a bit.

The incredible durability and the mega-silage allow the "in-the-air-spray-and-through-technique" - so you are wrapped the whole day in a fine musk cloud without drifting into the penetrance. Now, in these hot summer days, I leave the Sultan lying and wait for the wet and cold autumn weather. It should fit there like the fog on the foliage.
8.0 7.0 8.0 10.0/10

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The conflict between good and evil
Sultan is a noble title with several historical meanings. Originally, it was an Arabic abstract noun meaning "strength", "authority", "rulership", and Musk Sultan deserves all of those titles. Absolutely.
I just blindly bought Musk Sultan, since I was looking for its bros Wild Oud and Black Oud and I stumbled into it, the price was a bargain for an EDP, so I decided to add it to the order.

What do I smell... Whoa! Yeah, Musk Sultan first spray is like a big whoa! At the time of writing this review I have nearly 391 men's colognes in my wardrobe, and believe me, none of them smells anything like this. It is a rose-musk-based scent, though it has nothing in common with the rose in oud-centric scents or the musk in violet-centric ones. It is a modern Cologne, floral and musky.
Here there is a conflict between floral and musky, the light, delicate, and innocent rose is darkened by the warm musk. There are several variations on this conflict, one being the battle between the two of them, with one side Good having the floral as an Heart of Innocence, the other side Evil having the musky as an Heart of Darkness. But, the battle ends with a win-win result, the two of them are glorious.

That being said, Musk Sultan opens with a touch of crisp citrus, Italian quality I'd dare, that does not overpower but adds the right touch of freshness, and a blast of white floral accord, I would hazard grapefruit peel and petitgrain, and freesia. Freesia is an amazing flower with light properties, think of it as very fresh. There should be even some white flowers, so soft and delicate like lily-of-the-valley.
The light floral aura remains as the rose comes gently forward. This rose is lush and of the deepest red you have ever seen. Do you know these dark red roses that seem to have a black shadow on their petals? That kind of rose. But the perfume has also lucid moments that are sitting like dew drops on the petals, filtering the light. I might be wrong, but from time to time I get a blow of violet note very similar to that used in Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel, they have the same vibe. The violet is soft, smooth, flowery and not green nor herbal like violet leaves. Perhaps, what I get is more jasmine rather than violet.

Then comes the “animalistic” quality: something musky and earthy emerges, but the floral scent remains. The result is a complex, textured scent, first light then dark. I get both white musk and moss, which add a masculine touch to the floral and the tart dry down develops perfectly on men’s skin. There is something resinous going on, I would bet cistus or labdanum. I might be wrong, perhaps it is more a kind of like modern patchouli, which just adds that woodiness and earthiness to the base.

This is a wonderfully sophisticated scent. It reads clearly as a floral and a luxurious one yet isn't especially heavy or dark. Not one of those rich roses suitable only for evening. The white musk is gentle and sparing, and far in the background. All other notes play a supporting role to the floral accord.

Ultimately, Musk Sultan is mysterious and dark like the atmosphere of a Benedictine abbey, maybe you remember the atmosphere in the film The Name of the Rose – mysterious and scary. You can feel the heavy wood of the library, the cold shadows in the old masonry and from the garden through a small window a sudden ray of light with the smell of a single dark rose underneath the window.
It comes in EDP format, which is lovely for autumn/winter, I imagine it a bit cloying for warmer sprint and summer, but I will dare and try it. About performance, I’ve been wearing it since this morning, it is still there and I do catch it whenever I move around. I seem it deserve 10 out of 10.

Noteworthy: I've revised this review the very morning after, when I got up and took off my shirt just before taking a shower... the scent was still there with the floral-musky accord alive and kicking!


Elysium 2 years ago
Here there is a conflict between rose and musk, the light, delicate, and innocent rose is darkened by the warm and animal musk. A fairytale!+2

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