28.03.2021 - 02:37 PM
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The coziness of being 'home'.

KNUS: It has been so long ago since we had a nice conversation while enjoying a cup of tea, with a slice of the cake you baked. You fold the newspaper and lay it on the corner of the table, you will finish reading it after I'm gone. The coziness of the small kitchen where we have spent so much time together. It is no longer like before...The smell of stewed pears coming your way. The beef is cooking on the stove, no one makes a stew better than you, what is your secret? Is it the spice mix you used? Every time I ask you about the recipe, you answer : I learned it this way from my mom ... that was all. This is her way to invite you to stay for diner. When you walk into the living room there are as always tulips on the coffee table, they are freshly picked, still small but soon they will need a higher vase.
The plants in the windowsill look beautiful, you also have green thumb, the leaves bend to the sun. I'm asking you if the curtains shouldn't be closed to protect the plants from getting burnt ? No, is your answer, they have been used to it all these years, if you change this they will die... There are clocks in every room, even in the hallway. I have never understood this and when I ask you if the ticking and every half hour the striking of those bells does not drive you crazy you look at me as if you see water burning ..Deeply ingrained habits. I still see ashtrays everywhere, despite the fact that for almost 30 years now smoking indoors is something akin to swearing in a church. How old are they actually, probably at least 60 years old ? One of them has never been used because it is way too small. It has been a gift ... it is now showing off in my perfume cabinet next to KNUS...
It has been too long since we have seen and spoken to each other while enjoying a cup of tea ...

KNUS is indeed the reassuring coziness of being 'home', precious moments in time that will always reminds me of being 'home'.
Knus is a word we use a lot in the Netherlands, just like 'gezellig', which has almost the same meaning. Knus means: comfortable, cozy, intimate, atmospheric, nice, friendly, homely, cuddly.

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