Oriental Essence - Rose de Shiraz 2019

Oriental Essence - Rose de Shiraz by Rituals
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Oriental Essence - Rose de Shiraz is a popular perfume by Rituals for women and was released in 2019. The scent is floral-fruity. It is still available to purchase.
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Soft Roses
Today our dear friend has announced his visit - but here in our rooms it still looks delicious.

So cleaning up with heavy equipment.

I am exhausted and annoyed by this special operation.
So I need a soothing fragrance to smooth my nerves.

The soft rose of Shiraz is fitting.

She will also reassure the friend when he enters my Villa Kunterbunt.
This fragrance works almost like rose oil, which you could buy in the India Shop in the past in small Phiölchen.

Only Shiraz's rose is not quite as intense - but still very creamy.
Ambrette deepens this supple impression even further.
The rhubarb provides a hint of bitter freshness - without being sour.

A sociable flatterer - just as my friend may meet me.

Anyway, he always brings me roses that will get along well with the rose from Shiraz
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No rose poem far and wide
Writing in a wild mix-up, that was certainly not Hafez' thing, nor Goethe's style.

Rituals throws every year names on the market, or are they fragrances?
Educational citizens then show that they know what's going on, and of course I'm back at the front line.

How ridiculous to feel called upon to comment on everything that has to do with Persia, as if "all things Iranian" were automatically waiting for my mustard.

But the saleswoman has done her homework, I think, well, obviously she is a temporary help, student, German studies in the 7th semester, east-west divan was already on the program.
Shiraz can locate them, Rituals has explained it all top in the brochure.

I am glad that I read such a romantic description of a Persian garden in the advertising text. A walk through a fragrant grove ... who doesn?t want to do it?

I spray fast and I'm not there.

I've never been there either. The city of Shiraz is in the south, eight hours away from Tehran.
You can't do everything, I tell myself. Maybe next time.

I visited Kashan, this is the center of the Iranian rose production...

a french fragrance, which is more to the niche than the mainstream is called "Kashan Rose" and has never touched me.

Mr. Partoo, the perfume specialist from Esfahan, told me that Rosensoliflores were not at all popular in Iran.
Who wants to smell of roses, reaches for the everywhere available oils or rose-water.
"I expect more from a perfume than a picture of a rose," said my cousin, whose favourite fragrance for years has been "obsession" with Calvin Klein
Why I happened to meet a man in Tehran who asked me if I knew the French town of Grasse, I don't know...
but probably it was a lucky coincidence again.
Maziar was in Grasse in 2016 as an interpreter with an Iranian delegation to sign a contract for a Franco-Iranian perfume store.
But it never came to execution.
Trump came.

The Dutch at least occupy Shiraz positively. They're selling a friendly little rose tuft as a ritual. In the ritual business.
No, it doesn't smell of spices, it's not "Isphahan" by Yves Rocher or "Opium" by Yves Saint Laurent.
It is also not an "Attar", a heavy fragrance oil from Arabia.

Because watch out, Arabic perfumes are a completely different construction site. They have nothing to do with this light rose scent and also politically...
no, I'll leave that alone.
If you want to deal with this topic, read on at Michael Lüders.

But the rhubarb is rather inappropriate... okay, I can't stand that note. Would probably find the scent better without this greenish-acid component.
Has Goethe ever written anything about rhubarb?
In any case, he wanted to learn Persian in order to read Hafez in the original.

Hafez' poems are regularly recited at his grave in Shiraz.
The trend scouts from Rituals may have been there once.
I like the idea of choosing a Persian city to sell a pleasant everyday rose fragrance.
It was the Bush, after all, who called Iran a rogue state...
deletes this sentence.

I'm leaving it standing because I'm not going to edit this text.

These are just my personal thoughts about the product.
Clichés and rituals.

In good hands here.

I bought a fragrance in Norththeran in the perfumery, which is not listed (maybe someone wants to submit it, it is called "Téhéran" and is from Leila Hatami.)
Leila Hatami is known from many good Iranian movies, such as "Nader and Simin, a separation."
"Téhéran Eau de Parfum" is produced in France and sold exclusively in Iran. It is a fine, elegant, restrained fragrance. Think Chanel, not Al Haramain.

There is obviously no own, noteworthy perfume industry in the country.
Too bad.

But almost every expensive label has a shop depot in Tehran, rarely have I seen so many noble brands in one heap.

The division of society, over here as well as over there.
Come on,
Rituals are pretty sympathetic.
The tea is from biological cultivation, the basis of the Shiraz - perfume does not smell after Cashmeran.

It is not necessary to know who Hafez was and that the rose was Mohammed's favourite flower, hence the nickname "gol Mohamadi".

But of course it doesn't hurt either.

I am through for this year with my personal Iran - project.
To visit Shiraz is still on my bucket list, but there are also Vancouver and Reykjavik, Lima and Augsburg.

The ritual scent is now quickly ticked off.

If any company needs suggestions for an oriental sounding perfume name, please contact me.
I also buy any crap if it says something halfway Persian on the pulle. After all, I collect...

and I have this longing within me.

My first name is "Morgentau" by the way, if you translate it into German.

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