Fortitude (2016)

Fortitude by Robert Graham
Bottle Design: Chad Lavigne
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Fortitude is a popular perfume by Robert Graham for men and was released in 2016. The scent is smoky-spicy. It is still in production.

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Tobacco absolute, Patchouli, Tonka bean



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Submitted by Michael, last update on 31.01.2019
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Very helpful Review    7
Feel the Wrath of the Broadsword of Tonka-Zukka!
The assumption already expressed in my statement that this is a variation of the "Héritage" theme adapted to the modern taste of fragrance was not invalidated even after some further test runs. On the contrary, the impression has intensified. More precisely: It seems as if the aim was to reproduce the basic scent impression of the Guerlain classic with as few components and a broad brushstroke as possible, so that the olfactory centre of the user simply has less work to understand what is being offered.

Now one could say that in 2016 a company had to "fortitude" (i.e. "strength" in the sense of "steadfastness") in order to recreate and bring to market a somewhat outmoded composition such as "Héritage", especially as the provocatively short list of scores seems very proud and convinced by its own imaginative power ("We have a clear vision and take only the bare essentials!") - as does the bottle, which at the same time appears aristocratic and archaic and defenceless! However, when looking at the current bestseller lists, the perfumer seems to have lost his steadfastness, so that he took the precaution of pulling out the proven vanilla tonka sugar syrup broadsword to neuter the listed tobacco and patchouli content. And so it is this vanilla sweetness keeping everything in check that separates "Fortitude" from "Héritage" by a clear trench (as well as the absence of the coriander note, which I always assumed constituted the character of "Héritages", but there are probably countless possible workarounds; what do I know as a layman...).

That sounds like a rip now, but it's not a rip. I'm not always in the condition for Guerlain's cryptic-complex exploits. Some days are just too prosaic for that. And Fortitude smells good yes.

PS: "Héritage" minus coriander plus vanilla... Hmm, what's that supposed to give a rough estimate of the thumb, gentlemen? That's right, I did. In this respect, this fragrance is by no means a pure men's fragrance, but also something for the lady who would like to have another variation from the wide cosmos of the "Shalimar" cousins in her closet.
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9.0 9.0 8.0 6.0/10

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Helpful Review    3
(Over-)powerful tonka bean input
Well, my fresh bottling will have to leave me again, I had hoped for a lot more with regard to the above tobacco absolute. I also miss the patchouli in "Fortitude" to a considerable extent, which I usually like very much.

No, tonka bean fans (to whom I hardly count myself) are most likely to shout "Hurray!!!" here. Undoubtedly, Robert Graham has created a buttery-soft, lovely (for me exorbitantly overloved) fragrance here.
It is bursting with caramel, vanilla, slightly buttery tonka beans that are also somewhat baked.

Sometimes something like a lightly dried tobacco leaf actually flashes through, but unfortunately only to a very modest extent.

In my Insta wine blog, which I currently "feed" much more frequently than my Parfumo commentary database, I would probably focus on a rather lovely Californian as a parallel, who could have turned out to be like "Fortitude". Unfortunately, the fragrance is very marshy in its over-extracted sweetness and sweetness, it lacks a counter aroma. No acid, no tannin - hard to get down, ice cold at most. :-)

The very beautiful, somehow Scottish flacon also aroused other ideas about the fragrance in advance. I don't know if an Earl or McSomething would feel so comfortable with this room-filling permanent sweetener. But tonka bean fans - he might make you addicted! ;-)
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