Pacific Collection - Alameda by Robert Piguet

Pacific Collection - Alameda 2013

23.11.2015 - 03:16 PM

The exotic gardens of the Alhambra in a bottle

An exciting fragrance, full of passion and ardor. Alameda reminds me of the opera Carmen by Bizet, with the gardens of the Alhambra (Granada-Spain) as performance background.
It makes an almost indelible impression on my nose and my clothes: still smelling her the next day!!!

The best seasons for Alameda are autumn and winter, because of the warmth and sweetness of this delicacy made by the house of Piguet. Imagine drinking a mug of hot chocolate, with a fresh waffle as an afternoon snack on the side, sitting by the fireplace in a country cottage, up in the hills of the Ardennes...

Inviting and cozy, a warm (amber) bath, a sweet mocha liqueur burning in my stomach, a loving embrace...these are the sensations I get after a dab of this olfactory nectar: it's time for a full bottle!
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