Ballade à Venise 1996

Ballade à Venise by Roberto Capucci
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Ballade à Venise is a perfume by Roberto Capucci for women and was released in 1996. The scent is floral-powdery. It was last marketed by Emeraude France. Pronunciation
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Top Notes Top NotesMandarin orangeMandarin orange Orange blossomOrange blossom Pot marigoldPot marigold
Heart Notes Heart NotesJasmineJasmine Olive blossomOlive blossom Passion fruitPassion fruit Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang
Base Notes Base NotesGalbanumGalbanum



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325 Reviews
A stroll in Venice
The literal minded might expect Ballade à Venise to smell like gelato, rotting houses and pollution from cruise ships.
Not a bit of it.
It was a bizarre mix of syrup, orange blossom and the dry smell of marigold.
Hard to know if it was a bold idea ruined by poor execution, or just simply a bad idea.
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Ballad or serenade?
For a long time I have been bitten by the translation of the name as "Walk in Venice".
Because "Ballade à Venise" reminds me more of "una dolce canzone" than of "una passeggiata".
I also went the way about "ballare - dancing"; but it did not want and did not fit.
Sturdy, as I am, I finally found the solution with LEO: a "walk" is called regionally in French also "balade"!

So I ended up happy at the musical Venice - how beautiful!
Because for me this, a little bit old-fashioned seeming smell is like a melody, which blows through the city.
A melody that is not quite sure whether it would rather sound like a ballad or serenade, or whether it would like to be smashed more loudly than beautifully by a gondolier.
So again: "La Donna è mobile - e la Musica anche così"!

Marigold and orange blossom - which exceedingly mobile spirit has that come to mind?
The somewhat bitter calendula with its powerful healing power and the heart warming orange blossom that caresses the soul so lovingly: they complement each other magically here.
Not even the slightly synthetic mandarin can change this.
Here it is quite suitable, because it gives this protective, embracing fragrance a certain freshness and enlivens the mood for "Ballade à Venise" pleasantly.
For the charm of the South is now fully luring and yet already quite opulent: passion fruit - just as surprising as the marigold before - meets heavy, white-flowered jasmine, which has been captured here in all its evening fragrance.
Olive blossom: these fragile white stars, which later cling to the balcony floor everywhere and don't want to be swept away, have a very own, rather delicate aroma, which, like all white blossomers, only really gains in beauty and expression in the evening hours It took me a long time to assign this light honey- or syrup-like touch to my evening balcony: it was the over and over blossoming olive that drew attention to itself!
"Ballade à Venise" wouldn't be named after this city, which sometimes hovers almost above the water, if it weren't for Ylang-Ylang's radiant accents.
Here this glow enchants me particularly: because it forms a bridge to the resinous spice of galbanum, which seems to be perfectly sufficient as basis for this fragrance composition The fruity sweetness and opulence of the flowers, combined with the radiant ylang-ylang, which brings a little floating, needs this resinous spice for "traction".
Or as a kind of trellis that provides support for all the other fragrances.

Roberto Capucci's craftsmanship, which is both solid and imaginative, is still to be found in Venice, coupled with feminine elegance and typical Italian flair.
The result is a scent of romance that reminds us a little of the good old family book pictures that we used to love to collect and stick to more or less meaningful sayings in the poetry albums of our friends.

The shelf life of "Ballade à Venise" with me is quite good; this fragrance accompanies me for a few hours, with which at the end, surprisingly, the marigold flashes again, which cuddles close to the galbanum.
That's a bit strange, but exceedingly lovely!

Those who seek the decadence of the city of Venice in "Ballade à Venise" will be disappointed.
This fragrance carries the music of this city.
Every now and then, despite all elegance and femininity, he feels light and cheerful: maybe the title comes from "ballare - tanzen"?
It is definitely worth listening to this fragrance composition!
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