Anima Nera (Eau de Parfum) by Roberto Capucci

Anima Nera Eau de Parfum

23.06.2022 - 03:54 PM

Black soul indeed

V&R Spicebomb lovers will love this. Between Spicebomb edt and Spicebomb Extreme, that's where Anima Nera sits.
Spicy, dark, woody and peppery. A black suit in a lovely evening will fit this perfectly. The smell is obviously not cheap to me. I caught this for a great deal, somewhere around 10€.
Now it's very hard to find at least in my area. I am very glad to have it.
The performance is not weak either.
7-8 hours at least or even more if you forget to stop from spraying.
Projection is also strong and noticeable. Colder nights will be warmer with this fragrance around.
You can obviusly try it for the daytime as well but in my opinion it's better suited for the night time, being spicy, rich and dense, creamy.
One of the best cheap fragrances in my entire collection. I can even say that will easily be in top 5.
Awesome bottle, awesome sprayer and 100ML for such a low price ?
Almost to good to be true. You have also awesome quality. No cheap smelling at all. Masculine and mysterious.
If you like/love spicebomb/spicemob extreme and see this popping up for a good price, don't let it slip away because it is so damn good.
Overall 8.1/10
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