Œillères by Roberto Greco

Œillères 2017

08.11.2018 - 12:51 PM
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Unique fragrance
First of all thank you Roberto for sending me a sample of Oeillères. Of course curious as I am I had to seek out more info and I learned that the perfume Oeillères was part of an Art Project by Roberto.

Also had to look up what the word Oeillères actually means. As I found out oeillères are blinders worn by horses.

Now of to the fragrance. The first spray of Oeillères is a very herbal blast. I cannot really determine what it is exactly, But it's fresh and warm at the same time and very natural and animalic. Also very different from anything I smelled before, but at the same time Oeillères definitely has the Marc-Antoine Corticchiato signature. The first time I sprayed Oeillères the opening was too overwhelming, but after testing several time I must say I especially like the opening.

After the first blast Oeillères slowly transforms into a warm and easier to wear fragrance. Nothing sharp, but very balanced and refined. Oeillères smells green like fresh herbs and with my nose glued to my wrist I can definitely smell the fresh chamomile. (I might be focussed on it, because I used to pick wild chamomile when I was a kid. My mother boiled it into a brew for my older sister so she could rinse her white hair.) The chamomile is nicely blended with other herbal notes creating a lovely fragrance, although unisex I feel it's leaning more towards masculine. Oeillères also has a slight barbershop smell to it, at least the middle part does.

In the drydown the scent mellows into a warm scent and eases the animalic qualities (but is still slightly present) and it just smells nice, warm and inviting. This stage is definitely unisex. Projection is close to the skin. Very unique fragrance.

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