Œillères by Roberto Greco

Œillères 2017

13.02.2021 - 07:47 PM

Truly an anti-floral perfume, but in very floral way.

Oeilleres is very intriguing, complex, and unique. It starts very herbal and aromatic. I can detect the chamomile note strongly in the beginning, a note and scent that I really like. I like the way the cumin plays in the composition, together with the musk. As it develops into the heart and base, it becomes richer, thicker, almost leathery, mossy. Has a nice balance of sweet and salty. Herbaceous and resinous. It begins very dry herbal and finishes with a resinous-musky-leathery base. I can definitely see why it is labeled an anti-floral. You can almost see it as a floral, but it is not. I see the floral elements like being very dry, burnt, left to dehydrate in the sun. It makes me think of my summer holidays spent in the countryside. Enjoyed this one a lot.

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