Porter Sa Peau by Roberto Greco

Porter Sa Peau 2020

13.02.2021 - 07:53 PM
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Beautiful, happy, thrilling Narcissus

Porter Sa Peau feels like an opposite perfume to Oeilleres, the other creation from Roberto. Very bright, uplifting, happy. I detect aldehydes, floral (narcissus), and fruity nuances(ylang-ylang), as well as some musks in the base. This one makes me think of classic French perfumery. Narcissus is beautifully showcased and complemented by the other supporting notes. Chic, elegant. It does not change as much as Oeilleres on my skin, but I think it doesn't need to. It also feels like a much easier to wear perfume, less challenging. And although I gravitate towards orientals and animalics, I like it a lot.

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