Moustache (Eau de Parfum) by Rochas

Moustache 2018 Eau de Parfum

24.05.2021 - 11:57 AM
Very helpful Review

To put the Tuxedo comparison's to bed

Rochas Moustache EDP vs YSL Tuxedo (or the other way around)
Main similarities
- They share the same vanilla vibe
- Both are orientals at their core
- Both have the same cakey vibe

Main differences
- Tuxedo opens fresh and green (particularly violet and bergamot, the coriander is inserted/playing along with the black pepper).
- Tuxedo's violet note gives off an acidic vibe mainly due the rose I believe (the rose in itself is hard to detect; it fades away rather quickly)
- Tuxedo's dry down is a warm patchouli with vanilla in particular
- Tuxedo has a salty vibe from the ambergris (fades away when the scent settles down)

- Moustache doesn't start off green (doesn't have green top notes either) but it does open fresh (mandarine, no bergamot like Tuxedo)
- Cedar is quite prominent in Moustache; Tuxedo on the other hand has no woody vibe (has no woods listed at all)
- Moustache is warmer than Tuxedo, because Moustache is not patchouli heavy (which can smell green and earthy)
- Moustache is less pungent than Tuxedo (same reason)
- Would classify Moustache as a warm spicy and Tuxedo as fresh spicy

Overall performance
- Tuxedo has a more powerful sillage and projection. Also performs longer and better.
- Moustache is a softer scent that sits closer to the skin fairly quickly

- In this regard I prefer the bottle of Tuxedo. Personally I dont like the design of Moustache. Looks kind off out dated

- Moustache (no further explanation needed)

Which one would I choose?
- Moustache
- I like my patchouli's to be pungent, green and powerfull (Psychedelique style), so personally Tuxedo wouldn't fit in my collection.
- The price difference is also too steep for my liking

Will this be the last time a cheap alternative can/will be able to dethrone the more expensive, luxurious trendsetter? Only time will tell...
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