Extrait de Cologne - Cassis Frénésie (2017)

Extrait de Cologne - Cassis Frénésie by Roger & Gallet
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Extrait de Cologne - Cassis Frénésie is a popular perfume by Roger & Gallet for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is fruity-green. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.

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Elise Bénat

Fragrance Notes

Blackcurrant bud absolute, Pepper, Rose, Geranium, Provençal lavender, Galbanum, Buchu



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Greatly helpful Review    10
I used to be a green plant leaf junkie! :D
My title... there is much more to it than the smiley behind it suggests :D
You know, I LOVE the scent of green notes like plant juices or generally (crushed) leaves. Even as a child, in spring and summer I often stood by bushes, shrubs or under trees, tore out a few leaves, crushed them in my hand until they had become a kind of porridge, and really pulled in the ascending green scent! Yeah, really addictive! D

Even today I catch myself doing something like this from time to time, often unnoticed while walking and so on, because it is a scent that I will probably love forever. For me, this green scent simply belongs to spring and summer, gives you a good mood and I also have the feeling that the freshness of the scent and its pleasant scent simply makes you feel better in general health (but I would advise against eating :D Because not only that plant juices are usually rather bitter, but you could also poison yourself if you are unlucky and use poisonous leaves... uhh, I should expand my botanical knowledge best of all well... :D). That's why I also like fragrances with green notes, and Un Jardin sur le Toit by Hermès is one of my favourite green fragrances that I once discovered, even if it wasn't supposed to smell pure green but a little more unusual.
... now you know what I used to do with bushes when I was a kid... argh! D

Anyway such scents are very pleasant to wear in summer, so that I like to try this kind of scents more often, hoping to find something new and nice :)

The fragrance:
The fragrance starts very nicely with a sweetish and slightly powdery currant, very light pepper and light green-herb notes, which I attribute to the galbanum, whereby the green scents (which could also have been stronger) also seemed a bit like plant juices to me, which I particularly like with green notes as described earlier :D
A few minutes later the pepper gets a little stronger, but I think it remains in the right dosage to give the fragrance a slightly tingling spice without crushing it in the hot summer. I think that it works very well together with the (hardly perceptible) lavender. The sweet-fruity scent of currants also rises slightly, creating a pleasant fragrance.
Roses only seem to be present to a small extent. It is best to smell them shortly after spraying on, but after that they seem to become weaker and weaker. Whereby the scent in the background is still a little flowery... of course... as always not really identifiable for me as far as the flowery notes are concerned... well :D
In the base one smells more the currants, which continue to smell fruity and sweet as well as slightly powdery, together with a hint of lavender (which can now be smelled better instead of pepper, although it is still weak). The green notes go back further and further, which I think is a bit sad, but not too bad, because the fragrance generally smells very good, from the top note to the later base! It's clear, of course, that the fragrance becomes weaker and weaker in the later base... I would spray the fragrance after four to five hours.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The fragrance has a charisma like most loose-happy summer fragrances, so unfortunately rather small and therefore only smells reasonably close up. So you can spray yourself more with this fragrance than usual.
The shelf life is more than eight hours, which is great for a summery scent. Aaaaaber: After about four hours the scent gets weaker and weaker, so that I would spray it after this time to experience the scent more intensively again, because it smells really nice :)

The bottle:
Hm, in my opinion the bottle is the real point of criticism here (apart from the weak sillage). Well, the cylindrical thing isn't ugly at all, of course, but it was kept very simple and is just a simple cylindrical container with the logo of R&G and the name of the fragrance. A noteworthy detail would be the purple ribbon hanging from the neck and bearing the signature of the perfumer.

Oooh, I really liked the scent. I especially like the beginning because of the even more intense green notes, because it is very fresh and therefore perfect for really hot days. But also the base smells very nice, with the difference that now the green notes are somewhat weaker and the fragrance slightly sweeter than at the beginning, together with a soft, soft powdery note.

The charisma and the type of fragrance reminds me of summer fragrances like Fico di Amalfi by Acqua di Parma or Blackberry Bay by Jo Malone, which I think are very beautiful. Also the Cassis here smells like the Fico a little bit feminine, but I think it is still unisex enough to be worn by men. At least I hope so... because like I said, the scent is just beautiful! :))

Because of the rather weak Sillage such a fragrance is best used during the day, where... also when going out it could be well received because of the beautiful fragrance, so that you should possibly spray yourself to let the fragrance adhere to you longer :D

There is definitely a test recommendation from me here! Especially if you want to smell good on hot and hot days, which is not always easy :)

... hmm... now I feel like crushing leaves in my hand like in a mortar and inhaling them into myself... but don't say anything... you are all addicted here!!! D
Stupid only that the cat out there lurks somewhere for me and immediately comes running at me when he sees that I have "something" in my hand... *sigh*
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7.0 7.0 7.0 8.0/10

12 Reviews
Very helpful Review    5
In the French Countryside
In the city in where I live, this is already been sold.

Cassis Frenesie is a beautiful perfume. Even more, an astonishing one. All in it is pretty, and recalls the perfumes of bygone days. The bottle is the classic apothecary bottle of all the R&G perfumes, but with applications of what seems to be white china. The box, in pale blue hues, has a pattern like the classic French Toile de Jouy
Forget the sour cassis that have most of the cassis perfumes, with its hints of cat's wee. CF is nothing like the sort. For me, it smells like freshly cut grass, still moist and dewy, early in the morning. So simple. So beautiful. So natural. It has not a great deal of evolution, and the drydown is reminiscent of posh shampoos and ancient tonic waters. Really, this stuff is worth of Madame Pompadour, and Marie Antoinette.

Sillage and lasting power are very good for an Eau de Cologne.

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