Amber Aoud Absolue Précieux by Roja Parfums

Amber Aoud Absolue Précieux 2012

07.11.2021 - 12:30 AM

A real treasure

For my birthday, I decided to spoil myself. Like, really spoil. Probably, even some fragrance lovers like myself could call me crazy. I spent more than €200 on 7,5 ml Roja Amber Aoud Absolue Preciéux. Worth every cent, though.

Honestly, this is one of the most beautiful, mature, and refined scents ever. At least, from what I smelled, of course. I don't mean to overhype it, but I have to say that it is hard to think that such a great fragrance exists at all.

This is rose and oud perfume, with a juicy fig and the deepest, most sensual, and powerful amber. Wearing this perfume is a fragrant journey. Opens with a blast of citruses and then gets darker. One after another, layers unfold. Softly sweetened fig flirts with rose de Mai, and you can feel the spicy warmness of amber coming out and the reserved touch of aoud.

If you compare it to the EDP, the scent itself is very similar. However, the wearing experience is something else because it is in a very concentrated form. When spraying this one, it feels as if I am wrapping myself in some sort of luxurious cashmere. It is so soft and gentle, lends on the skin smoothly, and wearing this, feels almost like a royal ritual. And the performance – well, it is way stronger than the EDP. But it is not about the performance; it is about the feeling it gives.
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