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Enigma / Creation-E (Eau de Parfum) by Roja Parfums
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8.3 / 10 94 Ratings
Enigma is a popular perfume by Roja Parfums for women and was released in 2013. The scent is floral-sweet. The longevity is above-average. It is still available to purchase.
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8.394 Ratings
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4.421 Ratings
Submitted by WiB, last update on 03.12.2022.
Variant of the fragrance concentration
This is a variant of the perfume Enigma / Creation-E (Parfum) by Roja Parfums, which differs in concentration.
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2 in-depth fragrance descriptions

15 Reviews
lekker/kwalitatief/overprijsd-typisch Roja :) /nice/quality/overpriced - typical Roja
Op een prettige manier, zoete zachte poederige stemming verhogende wolkje rondhangt, na het aanbrengen. Uistekend gebalanceerd, kwalitatief parfum. Perzik, bloemen, een beetje vanille. Zeer vrouwelijk. Na 3-4 uur te dragen, ga ik meestal op te frissen,want ik ruik het parfum niet meer;alleen een beetje van de huid.Vind ik niet erg, een portie perzik is altijd lekker. Zonder opvrissen, over 5-6 uur ruik ik niks meer. Twee dagen achter elkaar dragen lukt niet, ik ruik Enigma over een half uurtje al niet meer (op de tweede dag).
Dus leuk voor af en toe. Ik heb edp concetratie, welke ik een beetje zwak vind, doe 3-4 spreys aan. Ik waardeer deze parfum voor zijn stemming verhogende vermogen. Doet mij glimlachen, na het aanbrengen; tweede fles wordt het niet, na deze fles opmaken. Er zijn Roja s met (bijna) zelfde geurnoten, die blijven langer hangen, en zijn meer aanwezig.
Voor geen Roja s liefhebbers deze parfum heeft geen enkele zin, want verhouding prijs/kwaliteit zou veel beter kunnen. Er zijn voldoende parfums met zelfde geurnoten op de markt, voor meer vriendelijke prijs.

In a pleasant way, sweet soft powdery mood-elevating cloud hangs around after application. Excellently balanced, quality perfume. Peach, flowers, a little vanilla. Very feminine. After 3-4 hours of wear, I usually go to freshen up, because I don't smell the perfume anymore, just a little off the skin. I don't mind, a portion of peach is always nice. Without freshening, in 5-6 hours I won't smell anything. Wearing it for two days in a row doesn't work, I can't smell Enigma after half an hour (on the second day).
So nice for once in a while. I have edp concentration, which I find a bit weak, put on 3-4 sprays. I appreciate this perfume for its mood-elevating power. Makes me smile after application; It won't be a second bottle, after finishing this bottle. There are Rojas with (almost) the same notes, which linger longer, and are more present.
For no Roja lovers this perfume makes no sense, because the price/quality ratio could be much better. There are plenty of perfumes with the same notes on the market, for a more friendly price.
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You're the woman I want to be..
You are the woman I want to be. A vision of my future that began with the first breath of your essence.

You smell like the women I admired as a child: Strong, confident, beautiful, independent women who enjoy life and are at peace with themselves. Content and lovely beings who exude the scent of harmony and sensuality.

You smell of my future life, my complete being - how nice that we met!

You start out classically beautiful, engaging fullness envelops and soothes me. You are immediately present, yet are never oppressive. You become finer and fresher, almost ethereally light. It's worth waiting for this moment. You end with blissful contentment, tender moments full of sensuality and love.

Your fruity notes are mature, pure, never too sweet or unripe. Your tart notes are sublime and harmonious. They radiate strength and emphasize the femininity of your wearer. Your warm and sweet notes give peace, serenity and happiness.

I will wear you often, you belong to me now and I to you. When I found you, I didn't know I was looking for you until I found you.

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2 short views on the fragrance
HolscentbarHolscentbar 2 months ago
this is the smell I wish every woman had
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MariaSMariaS 2 years ago
Amazingly blended, balanced perfume! It’s so comforting to smell, sweet fruity, feminine, it’s beautiful! I have to test the performance!
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