Enigma pour HommeCreation-E pour Homme (2013)Eau de Parfum

Enigma pour Homme / Creation-E pour Homme (Eau de Parfum) by Roja Parfums
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8.8 / 10     179 RatingsRatingsRatings
Enigma pour Homme is a popular perfume by Roja Parfums for men and was released in 2013. The scent is spicy-sweet. Projection and longevity are above-average. The production was apparently discontinued.

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Roja Dove

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot
Heart Notes Heart NotesGeranium, Heliotrope, Grasse jasmine, Neroli, May rose
Base Notes Base NotesAmbergris, Benzoin, Pepper, Cardamom, Cognac, Ginger, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Vanilla



8.8 (179 Ratings)


8.8 (161 Ratings)


8.3 (165 Ratings)


8.9 (157 Ratings)
Submitted by TheDrake, last update on 10.03.2020.

Variant of the fragrance concentration

This is a variant of the perfume Enigma pour Homme / Creation-E pour Homme (Parfum) by Roja Parfums, which differs in concentration.
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8.0 8.0 8.0 6.5/10

10 Reviews
Coca cola
Great coca cola viber i would say its unisex and probably on sweet side unique creation by miles niche quality perfect for all season compliments depends on the people who u will see.
Vintage version is very long lasting reformulated is crap.,

8.0 8.0 8.0 8.5/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    70
The other day in the Ruhr Valley... Part 9

"Mr. Spangler, good to see you. Happy New Year to you."
Master, I wish you to bite down well? I checked the speedometer, I haven't been here for a while. But we had dinner in this area the other night, Iris and I. It wasn't great, though. I asked the iris if I should tell the waiter that my soup was cold, because she thought it was gazpacho. Did I ask her if I should say gazpacho, because the soup is cold, yes young, she made a scene. So if you ask me ne, then I'd rather go to the kebab man anyway. I'm going to blow my brains out, you know?
"Yes, I do that occasionally. May be fast food in between."

I'm sorry. Samma looks so empty on you, closing up shop, or wadding around?
"No No, we are expecting the first new releases of various brands, space has to be created. I have a changing assortment."

I see. I got alternating current, see?

"I see your sense of humor is still excellent, Mr. Spangler."
Yes, sia. Hömma know him? What does Darth Vader write to his favourite newspaper?

"Beats me."

A laser letter, you slyboots! Hammer oda?


I'll tell you when he kills the chickens with his lightsaber, then the rooster is solo. Boy, I'm really losing it
"Mr Spangler, I must confess I'm more of a Trekkie Klingon, but it's true
Dude! That's not bad. The Captain Kirk wa? He has abba always bridge day. Samma and watt hate so much there, watt I do not know yet? Gibbet watt neuet?

"Well every now and then yes, as I said, I have a changing assortment and there will always be something new for you."

Yes, I am. I don't know these chumps here either. Why does she hate being on a throne like this?
"My dear Mr. Spangler, these are fragrances from the house of Roja. Very exquisite and very expensive perfumes from England. These fragrances cost hundreds of Euros and even the fakons are nobly produced"

Samma sport, you got an egg on your hike? 500 ounces? Are you having financial problems? I can lend you money. You can't charge that much for a bottle of perfume. Hmma for 500 euros I bought myself a nice Fiat years ago. But I'm vonne Socken.

"Well, there are people who spend 1000 Euros for a phone, look at it this way. You can't do more with it than with another phone. Exclusivity is the main focus here, but it must also be said that these fragrances are very well made. Natural raw materials, little synthetics and a high yield."

You mean you can smell it? So next time I'm with Manni and he wears his old boss where he is always showing off, I draw him the hammer?

"So to speak. That's one way to put it. "

Come on, then draw one of them. I'm curious to see how much watt datt can do.

"With pleasure. You will see, this is already a difference to the fragrances you already know. Enigma?"

Eh? Why should I?
"Excuse me?"

Nod. You just did..ey nick ma. Why?

"No, the perfume is called Enigma. Let's go with the eau de parfum version. Did you know that the name was already used in World War II? The Enigma was a rotor key machine that was used during the Second World War to encrypt the Wehrmacht's communications."

Great master and getz decode the bottle. I'm curious whether you're right, or whether you're just talking about Dönekes
"Wait for it. The scent is extremely changeable. From fresh, sweet and spicy to balsamic, everything is included. "

Hmm, okay, it's a little lemony at first, but it doesn't sting at all. Good Good. Oh, and now it smells a little bit like Coke.

"True, that's what many people say. You can already see a fresh start and then it becomes spicy and sweetish."

Go away Master. Date is correct. Getz is getting fat but somehow warmer
"Yes, that will be the cognac that is contained A little cardamom and heliotrope make this fragrance warm and smooth."

Cognac Cola, something different from Baccardi Cola, huh? The main thing is that you don't have to work hard. I have to say that I was right, it doesn't smell like son Boss, or watt from Chantal
"That's right, Mr. Spangler. The fragrance also has a beautiful aura. On top of that, he is continuing to develop. That's fascinating."

Getz is a little bonnet-bobbing for you, huh? Abba hates right again, I think that the getz becomes so cuddly. Can be datt?

"You have a good nose. Do you know in the last phase through tobacco, amber and benzoin this fragrance becomes wonderfully warm, a touch of vanilla accompanies the whole thing even more and provides well-being.

Good stuff, really pounds and probably holds bomb too?

"Absolutely, a fragrance for colder days that will keep you going more than 9 hours. Like I said, that's different. Another galaxy. Wonderful for the evening and for going out."

Don't be so bold, Captain Kirk. Samma watt sacht der Kirk sacht denn, wenn et er rains? On screen Understand?

"You're a real rascal again, Mr. Spangler."

Yes, but use butter for the fish, it's not worth 500 ocks now, hmma if I come home with it and the iris sach, I bought a Pülleken fragrance and we need a second job, then give it a good taste and I can casemate myself
"In fact, I'm sure many have that challenge. I think it's up to each person to decide what scent they want to give off. But you can already smell quality, this is undisputed."

Yeah, that's not a shitty lamb, but if you tell a story, then he thinks you're also making sausages and thinks you're crazy. It's good for you, if you want to sell it, but I want to be able to make a trick at the end of the month and not only smell good, you understand?

"Mr Spangler, I was aware that this is not the scent you are looking for to quote from Star Wars again."

Kumma, some Jedi bites. The power is strong in you, my young perfume seller, but you still have a lot to learn, especially regarding price.
I have to go too, master. It was nice, but Iris is waiting at home with a coffee. Knock yourself out
"Until next time, Mr. Spangler."
42 Replies
9.0 7.0 8.0 10.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    16
What lasts long will finally be good?
Before perfume became my big hobby, I had another weakness.
Not less burdensome for the wallet, but far more unhealthy the love for a certain (please not with sugar caramel colored) golden brown liquid flourished.

Starting with Johnnie Walker Red Label I tried my way through the ups and downs of the Scottish, American, Irish, Japanese and generally all known whisky producers and countries. Also the different Vattings/Fassorten and which there are not everything I did not let take me to explore.
So I went from fruity to smoky and from mild 40% to brute >55% barrel strength.
Until I found MY whisky.

For a while there was a break for the wallet, THE whisky was found and I had no too much interest to try myself in others anymore. I already knew roughly what the next whisky tastes like before it was in the Glencairn - purely from experience and only on the basis of the production / maturation which can be taken from the label.

>Perfume <
Fragrances caught me in exactly this phase and made me discover a related sense organ further. The step wasn't far. And so it started with mainstreamers and I was drawn through Chypres and Oriental, from Indie to drugstore scents through fresh citric to resinous and to the Attars. And now it's like whisky.
I found THE scent for me.

><font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents I have tried to convince myself that these "overpriced" fragrances cannot have any other unique selling points. As the saying goes "diminishing returns" - after a certain price fragrances can't get any better?

But Enigma convinced me of the opposite at least in this (and some other) individual cases.
Enigma starts lemony fresh, but quickly brings more complexity.
He swings into the powdery, spices you up beautifully and warms you with "savoury" cognac like a down jacket in the cold wind. Enigma saturates the air and is clearly audible. He smells noble and grown-up without drifting into the "stuffy".

Enigma was initially a fragrance I had to justify to myself, one I wanted all to myself, without making a big number out of it. A scent where I was "scared" to regret the purchase after all.

Instead, Enigma is the fragrance that makes me feel at home like I've never felt before. Familiar, good and contented. Enigma's not perfect, but he is to me. Which doesn't mean, by the way, that other fragrances don't inspire me too. You want to get out of your home, even if it's so cosy and great ;)

The only question that remains is whether my nose can surprise me after all, or whether the next meaning will be explored.
15 Replies
9.0 9.0 9.0 9.5/10

3 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    22
Solution of the riddle
When an Englishman like Roja Dove calls his creation Enigma, he will have thought something of it. Finally this name is firmly connected with the encryption machine, which was used in the 2nd World War by the Germans to encrypt messages and was regarded as unbreakable, until the British captured a copy and decrypted it with very high personnel, machine and time expenditure. Only in this way was it possible for the German Kriegsmarine to find out about and refute its secret missions. This was the turning point of the German superiority in the Atlantic as well as in the North Sea and finally decisive for the war.

So much for the historical significance. Roja Dove himself sees his puzzle olfactorically in such a way that it seems to be something different for everyone, but is very determined and certain in itself, even though it triggers this ambiguity in others.
How right he is, because this fragrance is probably one of his most multi-faceted and complex.

Enigma is very opulent in the first seconds with plenty of citrus and floral notes, especially heliotrope and patchouli. It comes across very full, fresh, blooming and absolutely alive. You know right away: there's something precious here and it goes on.

A few bars later, the eau de parfum slowly radiates more softness and warmth. The floral notes are enhanced by tobacco and vanilla, surrounded by many other pleasant nuances. A bit, as already mentioned with some people, the Vanilla/Cherry-Cola theme is touched upon, but for my feeling it is rather short and not really concise.

Rather, the creation reminds me of a round in the traditional men's club, where luxuriant bouquets of flowers are to be found and exude their fragrance, plus the warm smoke of Cuban cigars, blended with the aroma of swivelled cognac and delicately sweet vanilla biscuits.

Interestingly, however, not everything sniffs at the same time, but again and again the individual scent impressions come alternately, like small morse signals that one wants to receive and decode. And that for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours. Like Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanilla, only with more exciting, sparkling magic all around.

Even the scent remains on the textiles on the following day flatter the nose and lift the personal mood many times higher. I want to overlook the price again, but in the end one has the certainty that one has sprayed on an eau de parfum whose value one can directly sniff out.
The only mystery for me is how not to like Enigma pour Homme. And an even bigger riddle: why was this little masterpiece only discontinued?
20 Replies
10.0 8.0 9.0 9.5/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    9
Robert De Niro in the movie Casino
As the title suggests, I could imagine this scent at Robert De Niro in the movie Casino. I am new here and fascinated about the many beautiful texts and professional nose among us. This will be my first rating from many as I have a quite large perfume collection and would like to share my experiences with you. Thanks to Parfumo I was able to buy many fragrances and discover them for myself. I would like to start slowly to give something back to the forum.

Now to my principle of evaluation. I am not a professional and my nose is big but not "highly gifted" in smelling. Therefore my texts will be much shorter in the other evaluations. I want to help people who feel and think like me. I have developed a great passion for fragrances, but I will not go into every single note and divide the fragrance down to its finest molecular structure. I will divide the fragrance into opening and dry-down, look at shelf life and sillage (my skin is probably very special because only very few fragrances stay with me for a long time), the occasion and the tendency to sex for the fragrance and present feedback from my surroundings. In the end I will dare a visualization, which personality would carry such a smell. I will not go into the price because fragrances are an art and every work of art has or develops a personal value. I won't go into the number of sprayers either, as everyone is free to decide for themselves how much of their perfume they want to apply. Now for the fragrance!

Opening: Violent when you open a cherry Coke in the 90s in Los Angeles at heat, and the smell makes your thirst even stronger. Or if the simultaneous interaction of a noble whiskey/cognac melts easily on the tongue and one has puffed a noble cherry tobacco cigar in front of it, the smoke still lies a little in the nose. Although a lot happens in the opening, nothing smells synthetic, but very natural and high quality.

Drydown: Sweet, vanilla, male groomed, cherry tobacco dipped in soft whiskey/cognac and laid on clean wood.

Shelf life: lasts loosely 8 hours!

Sillage: you are clearly perceived, up to 4 hours of good performance. Then a little softer.

Occasion: Evening, colder temperatures, chic dress.

Sex: Male

Feedback environment: very positive, many compliments, unusual fragrance, sooner or later you will definitely be addressed about the fragrance!

Visualization: As already mentioned several times, I imagine a wealthy man in the 80s in a suit with this scent. He runs a business (even with a bit bader guys) and therefore participates in meetings with lots of whiskey, cigars and fine old wooden furniture.

I hope you enjoyed my first review and look forward to the coming texts from me. Many thanks again to all the members who helped me with my perfume trip. Now I try to put my experiences aside for other travellers.

Love greetings
5 Replies
9.0 8.0 9.0 9.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    17
the stuff of which luxury is made
"Enigma pour Homme" lights up!
Not only as a men's fragrance - no, women also wear a very big fragrance trobe with it: glamorous and mysterious!

In order to recognize this, one does not need a deciphering machine and does not have to solve any riddles; even Gustav Holst's variations of the same name lose their sonorous charm to this scent.

I've seldom met a bergamot as glittering as this one. Usually this fragrance seems a little musty to me, not very lively and often dampens the citrus freshness: it loses a part of its perceived bite.
But in this fragrance trio the faithful bergamot shines, without which a fragrance prelude hardly seems possible.
She opens the curtain and presents the flowery-opulent heart of this fascinating composition of fragrances.
The rose geranium is still a little shy, but the vanilla-heavy scent of the deep purple heliotrope makes up for that - it generously spreads its warm and creamy aroma.
Elegant rose queens and powerful white jasmine with its large golden-faced flowers exude enticing sensuality. They whisper: "Come closer, my dear, come much closer!"
Neroli, on the other hand, enchants with a hint of a slightly brittle virginity: these contrasting scents attract each other and complement each other perfectly.
And thus prepare the "Red Carpet" for a luxurious, wonderfully spicy base: an almost creamy fragrance heaviness unfolds.
A powerful whole, which should not be deciphered at all: it is simply noble and beautiful!
Warm and spicy due to precious resins, warm spices and noble woods surround this densely woven something; surprisingly sweet and soft and at the same time smoky and strong.
Old golden-brown cognac with aromatic smelling tobacco sits comfortably by the fireplace, in which a wonderful fire flickers: a magical moment!
This fire jumps over to "Enigma pour Homme". The velvety golden streams of patchouli give this fragrance final depth and body.
This physicality can possibly frighten or even deter.
Or dress and enchant: just like me!

"Enigma pour Homme" awakens in me the need to be held and to spend the long, long time of its durability together with this fragrance magician.
Longing for harmonious hours at the fireplace, accompanied by mysterious whispers, enticing flames ...
Somewhat mystically old and bubbling with vitality, passionate young reveals this fragrance course.

"Enigma pour Homme" cannot be unravelled and not only for gentlemen - it is a rich and lavish embrace of the universe!
8 Replies

0 Reviews
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He is not a mystery...
I'll try to be brief.
Enigma = a riddle, hmm, that's not it! Here much was mentioned... tobacco, rum, cola, ashtray, vanilla, gourmand...
What's true about that? Anything!

What to take with you?
The beginning was really disappointing for me! Hung-over sprayed, because I was on a very long birthday..., directly it became flowery for me. He's got that "whacked-out ash-tavern note" nastiest! At least in the beginning..., then slowly but steadily a great rum-vanilla note fights its way through. This becomes more and more prominent & the ashtray note quieter and quieter!
In the end, we have a great tobacco gurmand that's not too sweet. More like something for Ü30 (sorry to the young people;)).
Sillage: you know who you are!;)
Performace: 12-14 hours with me!
Conclusion: Once again a Roja who convinces me completely!
3 Replies
9.0 8.0 10.0 10.0/10

0 Reviews
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Favourite tobacco gourmand scent in just 2 days
I've read a lot about the scent before and the association with CocaCola came up again and again To be honest, that's also why I ordered a sample. Already since my childhood I find this cola aroma very unique and special.

Enigma begins with Coca-Cola! A Formula 1 car that runs on CocaCola ("Benzola"?? well forget that again) as fuel ... at least that's my impression. Because I perceive a bergamot covered with cognac and cola and an animal note (I would say leather)...dark, attractive and special.
But why Formula 1? Enigma recalls in me the memory and the smell of wet, hot asphalt.

The animale fades with the time more and more and the smell becomes sweeter and more cuddly.

I was looking for a new fragrance for colder days or fresh summer evenings.
For me true despite the high price actually immediately clear, Herod is definitely bought but Enigma goes ready tomorrow here one.
It is simply complex, attractive, dark, sexy, special and unique.
With this scent you stand out.

Type human?? Casino guy in middle to higher age with dark suit, good-looking, sexy with scar in the face, the expensive leather belt and the elegant watch may not be missing of course
Facial expression? I can get em all!

So this is my first comment in the forum and I hope to have given one or the other a metaphorical description, though superficial.
3 Replies
10.0 10.0 9.0 10.0/10

0 Reviews
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Finally found...
There he is now. I never thought I'd find THE perfect fragrance someday. Which I really don't find fault with. Where I'm not looking for mistakes and weaknesses to buy endless more fragrances that satisfy my greed for the one, real fragrance. With Enigma I also found my favourite fragrance house in Roja at the same time. I feel that Roja brings out a new scent every day and luckily not everyone likes it. But of the countless scents of the house that I like, the Enigma EDP is my favorite.

In general I'm a fan of tobacco/vanilla fragrances, but the enigma with this mad cognac note is more beautiful than anything smelled before. It is sweeter, softer and more vanilla than Enigma Parfum and projects a little more strongly. The perfume can be kept a little longer.

I can understand the association with cola, at least for the first few seconds, because then he quickly becomes more floral. Rose comes along and after a while the tobacco and this heavenly cognac note blend together to create an attractive, sexy, boozie cloud that is completely unisex to me. I imagine it very appealing to a woman.

In any case at least one test worth

7 Replies
3.0 8.0 7.0 8.0/10

146 Reviews
Enigma Pour Homme edp
This was one of the fragrances that really piqued my interest when i was starting to discover niche perfumery. This review is after having gone through a sizeable decant and now I am ready to give my thoughts...

8.0 8.0 7.0 10.0/10

10 Reviews
Helpful Review    2
Spice of life
An intoxicating foray of black pepper and Lime collided intensely yet stunningly with freshly chopped ginger and cognac straight from its oak cask. Exquisitely underpinned by a bouquet of animalistic Jasmine massaged in benzoin and barrel aged tobacco. A Boozy, classy delicate dance on the promenade; cigar smoke fills the air while the spill of spirits become more distinguished with each temptress that passes by.
8.0 6.0 7.0 8.0/10

10 Reviews
Helpful Review    3
Almost perfection, in the middle of two different paths.
What is the intention of this perfume? We have here the typical chord that pretends to be sexy mixing ingredients like vainilla, alcohol and tobacco. A completely night out kind of fragrance. Before testing I was expecting something sexy but in a luxury way, maybe the sexier perfume in this range of notes (Herod, Tobacco vanille, Back to black, chergui, etc..). But I found something different, we have those notes, but the intention of this perfume is not sexy. After a dared and shocking start, the perfume quickly turns into a totally different texture that what I´ve seen in another range of perfumes.. like.. Blue amber - Montale, Amber Oud - by kilian, Ambre precieux, etc. This has clearly another intention. Something like ambered vanille but not in a sexy way if not in a powdery, comfortable, friendly and warm adorned vanille. This is not what I was waiting for, but being what it is, we have a masterfully well blended powdery and relaxing perfume, that uses ingredients to grab attention but in a safe way, on a secondary level to complement the main idea. Personally, I'd rather have this two intentions (seduction/endearing) separately in different perfumes.


Lexa 3 years ago
Tobacco vanilla cognac scent.This is more longeviv than parfum,being less concentrated.Same great ingredients,same quality.but not better.+1
Hermesh 4 years ago
Tobacco, (moderately sweet) vanilla and woods -all soaked with fine cognac. EdP is airier, soft wood appears faster.+1

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