Risqué pour Homme / Creation-R pour Homme (Parfum) by Roja Parfums

Risqué pour Homme Creation-R pour Homme 2015 Parfum

12.11.2021 - 02:26 PM

Geranium in a Bottle

Apparently discontinued a few years ago, Risqué pour Homme is in my opinion an underrated fragrance from Mr. Roja Dove. I would even take the risk to say that it lies between his best creations. The perfume represents an homage to the Pelargonium graveolens who plays the central role in the fragrance´s developement.
After a clean, beautiful bergamot/citrus blast with lavender undertones, in a couple of minutes Geranium enters the stage. For the next 2 hours the perfume is quite linear focused on Geranium with floral hints of jasmine and rose due the related chemistry (linalool, geraniol and citronellol). And what we have here is not the sharp, abrasive Geranium found in the Ropion´s Pour Monsieur but a soft and creamy one. And that is exactly how it´s supposed to be, in order to enable a smooth, almost imperceptible transition to a beautiful, byzantine church like, myrrh-frankincense scent in the dry-down.

Scent 8,9/10
Longevity 7/10
Projection 6/10
Sillage 6/10
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