Scandal pour Homme (2011) Parfum

Scandal pour Homme (Parfum) by Roja Parfums
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Scandal pour Homme (Parfum) is a popular perfume by Roja Parfums for men and was released in 2011. The scent is spicy-fougère. It is still in production.

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Roja Dove

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBasil, Bergamot, Lavender, Lemon, Petitgrain, Spearmint, Tarragon
Heart Notes Heart NotesGrasse jasmine, Lily-of-the-valley, May rose, Violet
Base Notes Base NotesAmbergris, Cardamom, Cashmeran, Cedarwood, Clove, Labdanum, Mossy notes, Musk, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Rhubarb, Sandalwood, Tonka bean, Vetiver



7.8 (50 Ratings)


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9.1 (49 Ratings)
Submitted by Igraine, last update on 04.05.2019
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671 Reviews
Scandal pour Homme (Parfum) opens with a brief blast of grassy green tarragon tinged bergamot citrus with hints of aromatic lavender before quickly moving to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart the aromatic lavender remains, now somewhat stronger in its intensity, joined by a gentle nutmeg spiced jasmine-like lily-of-the-valley led white floral accord slightly sweetened by tonka bean. Moving further through its heart, the lavender and white florals join a vague blonde woody accord that takes on a co-starring role. During the late dry-down the composition turns distinctly green as oakmoss' mossy green facet is featured initially, later turning powdery as leathery labdanum and slightly sharp cedarwood join in through the finish. Projection is very good and longevity excellent at about 12 hours on skin.

Scandal pour Homme (Parfum) is one of those compositions that is difficult to dislike but you feel doesn't really take a lot of risk either. While not taking risks, only smelling "pleasant" is far from a fatal flaw in a composition, it does seem somewhat beneath a composition from a house with Roja Dove's reputation. Also somewhat beneath the house's reputation is the tiresome synthetic cashmeran-derived blonde woody accord used in the latter heart section. In all fairness, the cashmeran is quite deftly controlled, far from an easy feat, but its use seems somewhat unnecessary. Probably the best part of the composition's development is the late dry-down when the cashmeran vacates and the oakmoss and labdanum base notes really get to shine. At the end of the day the whole thing just does not distinguish itself from so many other compositions on the market that are possibly less exclusive but no less appealing. The bottom line is the $480 per 50ml bottle Scandal pour Homme (Parfum) is easy to like, but the composition is a bit of a let-down, not distinguishing itself from many others in the genre earning an "above average" 2.5 to 3 stars out of 5 rating and a neutral recommendation with a slight positive bias setting price aside. When price is taken into account, this offering is quite scandalous indeed!
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7 Reviews
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Lush "green" for Gentlemen
Roja Dove is much debated on fragrance boards lately. From high praise and euphoria to disappointment, every kind of opinion can be found. And not only on fragrance boards you can find discussions about Roja Parfums. Various fragrance groups, as well as many Facebook are enchanted by Monsieur Doves' creations. This makes one thing very clear: The Maître and his creations are highly polarizing. No wonder, since the prices of the products are far higher than comparable manufacturers, such as Amouage, Maison Francis Kurkdjian, by Kilian or Bond No. 9. There even have been claims that the high prices are only a tool to attrac a certain kind of clientele. Let's be honest: Every perfume maker needs to make money in order to continue existing. Each product has a target audience, which doesn't mean other buyers are not welcome. Also, whether I belong to the target group of a brand or not, I do not care about such things. But let's talk about the scent, Scandal Pour Homme. Currently it's the only Fougère fragrance in the men's line of Roja Parfums. To be honest, I did not expect too much from Scandal pour Homme, as I have never been a great fan of Fougère fragrances. Scandal though, taught me to be patient and try to let a fragrance uncover all of it's secrets, before judging it based on the olfactive family it belongs to.

Scandal pour Homme is a kind of scent I can not classify easily. Why is that? Well, the opening feels like it has a little bit of everything. Shy citrus notes, who sneak around. They disappear as quickly as they appeared, leaving a pleasant blend of mild herbaceous and lush green fragrant impressions. Also, there is a subtle kind of fruitiness, which is by no means edible or sweet. So this is a fougère? I am not sure about it, and really, it does not matter. One thing is certain: Scandal pour Homme does not smell even a tiny bit like contemporary mens fragrances. It rather reminds me of a scent from another time. This is by no means negative, as it's a pleasure to find such a classic smelling scent that was launched only three years ago. The first stage of the scent, which still smells moist and pleasently green, only starts to change after about 25 minutes. A delicate floralcy emerges from the depths of the composition. The heart note is still green, but I clearly notice some white florals, like jasmine and lily-of-the-valley. In addition to the floral elegance, the first signs of the base notes start to emerge. Especially the moss is already present. Together with the flowers, the overall impression is a bit sweetish and definitely forest like. Those who know my preferences in fragrances might know that I appreciate neither green nor forest like fragrances. Scandal pour Homme is one of the very few exceptions. Why? For me, the rather unpleasant flavors were used subtly in the composition of Scandal pour Homme. They all work together perfectly and create a beautiful and lively harmony. Mr. Dove has created a perfume that truly deserves the title "Parfum". Unlike fragrance creations that try to imitate the smell of a certain object or a certain note, or are highly Gourmand and remind of delicious delicacies, there are those scents that unmistakeably smell like perfume, or like some people would say: Perfumey. And this is what I've experienced in all Roja creations I have tried so far. No wonder that Mr. Dove prefers these classic accords, he worked for 20 years at Guerlain. Everyone who knows Guerlain will understand why. If you look at the base notes of Scandal pour Homme, you will notice a big variety of notes listed. Frankly, I can not make out a single one. This happens a lot to me with complex creations, the big amount of single notes tend to create a whole new olfactive impression. It's delicate, still refined and green with plenty of moss. A delicate sweetness sneaks around, surrounded by an elegant woodiness. Scandal pour Homme ends like it has begun: Difficult to classify, interesting and "très élégant". Chapeau, Maître Dove! You created a fougère fragrance which appeals even to me, a lover of oriental and gourmand fragrances. This rarely ever happens, and I am happy I had the chance to sample Scandal pour Homme.

This fragrance test made me realize once more: Fragrances need time to unfold all their aromas and nuances. Scandal pour Homme, even if there is nothing scandalous about this perfume, is the manifestation of elegance and class. For me it was love at second sight. Roja Parfums is a line every perfume lover should eventually try. Give them time, and they will reveal their true nature to you, these fragrances are alive and full of beauty!

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