Oligarch (Eau de Parfum) by Roja Parfums

Oligarch 2016 Eau de Parfum

19.07.2022 - 02:22 PM

Signature fragrance

For me this is easily a signature scent that can be worn anywhere. The mixture between the citruses and smokiness reminds of the same feel I had when I smelled the "real" Aventus back in the day - which was that this is how a man should smell.

Needless to say this can't be compared to Aventus smell wise. This is classy as it can be. I do not understand why this version has been discontinued because I've had both this and the new Parfum, and this is superior in every category, especially smell profile and performance. Do not buy Parfum version. If you can get it, EdP is the king.
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Dasboi7Dasboi7 6 months ago
As a gin tonic lover this scent is just magic. The horrible bottle aside, this is basically an expensive gin tonic in a bottle. It's perfect for the summer and spring occasions and completely steals the show if worn in a bar. Last a long while too and projects...
Dasboi7Dasboi7 6 months ago
As the title might imply, this is basically red tobacco but with added peach and apple on the top and blended to absolute perfection. This is what red tobacco would've liked to be. From a 10/10 bottle to the actually improved scent itself...