Celebration Man by Romeo Gigli

Celebration Man 2014

26.01.2020 - 02:48 PM

An Eau between the Earth, Water, and Sky

An Eau between the Earth, Water, and Sky

Fancy an orange grove in Tuscany full of tilled earth and greenery. As you look up into the sky, you notice a storm is gathering. The winds pick up, and clouds roll in, and the smell is a sweet, tart zing in your nostrils. That's the sharp, fresh aroma of ozone, mineral, metallic. That tension in the air is captured beautifully in this scent.

Despite being a woody, spicy fragrance, Celebration Man features a vibrant blend of harmonious notes from a plethora of families. While an overall warm aroma, it also features many fresh notes that offer an element of lightheartedness against the massive and mellow structure. The scent opens with clean and dirty notes of crisp orange and bittersweet grapefruit, dry, tart, zesty. The dirtiness comes from the heart's patchouli, which kicks and screams from the beginning. The head is remarkably fresh but not without substance with these vivid and vibrant citrus notes.

Within little seconds, pepper notes begin to emerge and interact with the citrus notes to create a composite and harmonious portrayal of mellowing fruit and piquant dryness. Added floral aromas of geranium offer a pleasing sweetness to its structure, so it isn't overly bitter.

Finally, the base is balsamic and slightly bitter with a gray or mineral finish. Gracious vetiver interacts with musky and earthy patchouli, while benzoin creates bitter and aromatic vanilla notes. There are still faint hints of grapefruit and pepper, which add an element of freshness to the final dry-down.

The overall olfactive scent is enticing with a cascading crescendo of notes. It begins with only a few notes that gradually build up through seamless transitions. The final result is a profoundly resinous and harmonious composition, which together soothes and excites. Celebration Man is quite reminiscent of a Mediterranean orange grove as aforementioned. Through its deep journey of notes, you could easily picture the ripe fruit, dry earth, and dusty rocks under a baking sun.

While the sillage is quite scarce and leaves only a faint trail, the projection performs notably well when the wearer is static. As for the performance, it offers excellent longevity with an endurance that will last through the working day. As it features a unique blend of aromatic and woody notes, Celebration Man is a relatively versatile fragrance. Yet, it performs best during the milder months, such as spring or the fall, despite being wearable in summer evenings and nights out. However, despite its resinous, it didn't seem to quite suit the winter due to its green properties. Concerning its usage, it's just as active during the day as well as the night, and it's an ideal fragrance workplace.

My closing thoughts, it is a modern classic and decidedly elegant fragrance. Does it remind me of any other cologne? Well, to some extent its has some accord closely akin to Terre d'Hermes, the citrus and mineral facets are very similar to one another.


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