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Royall Vetiver is a popular perfume by Royall Lyme of Bermuda for men and was released in 2005. The scent is green-citrusy. It is still in production.

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7.9 (17 Ratings)


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87 Reviews
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The Bermuda Triangle...
I've always wanted to try something from the Royall Fragrances line, but it was never imported in Greece and Bermuda lies so far away. So, I was more than excited to receive some Royall Vetiver, due to a noble lady's kindness and generosity. Now, I understand there's a myriad of "vetiver this" and "vetiver that" fragrances out there, but I've always being wondering about how many people actually know how vetiver essential oil smells like. Since I fancy myself as a Nicolas Mamounas or at least a Roger Pellegrino in the making (yeah, right...), I have a good deal of pure essential oils around, and vetiver is one of my staples. So here's the case. For the first ten minutes or so, Royall Vetiver smells like the closest fragrance to vetiver essential oil that I have ever smelled. But after that, it smells like nutmeg and coriander and nothing else! Just in case of being somewhat hallucinating, I even compared it with the vases of nutmeg and coriander in my spice rack, and yes, it's definitely nutmeg and coriander all the way! Minus the first minutes that is. Now, the problem is that despite the fact that I really love nutmeg and mostly coriander, I can't understand why a fragrance consisting of three notes, and with the first two occupying 95% of its life, should be named after the third. I guess it's because vetiver is one of the brightest stars in the perfume sky, while nutmeg and coriander are mainly kitchen dwellers above all. Thus "Royall Nutmeg and Coriander" probably wouldn't stand a chance. But in any case, a fragrance so much alike Cacharel pour Homme, which is one of my eternal loves, couldn't score anything less than exquisite in my book, along with making me think that a trip to Bermuda anytime soon wouldn't be a bad idea, since suddenly, it doesnt look that far anymore....
2.5 2.5 4.0/10

126 Reviews
Vetiver, Barely
The first five minutes of Royall Vetiver are very rooty, earthen, and aggressive. Me like! It's breathtaking, and almost shocking as to how old school it is. It develops into a soapy-peppery aroma, revealing that old-school, masculine approach in all its glory. There's definitely power here.

By hour two, spices take over for the pepper, but unfortunately the scent rapidly fades, keeping the barest hint of vetiver as it does. By hour six, it has folded up shop and left town. Even the projection fades rapidly, diminishing from two feet to skin scent within two hours. So, nice smell while it lasted, but it just doesn't last!

At six hours and not much vetiver, Royall Vetiver doesn't garner a recommendation over here. Additionally, the spicy-soapy bit at the end was just like Royal Musk, which reveals a problem with this company: they rely too much on the same spice-pepper-clean tango to fuel most of their masculine creations.
5.0 9.0/10

220 Reviews
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Standing Up For Tradition
Ever since Guerlain discontinued their wonderful mossy vintage Vetiver in 2000 and replaced it with something boring, lovers of Vetiver perfumes are looking for a substitute. Among the many Vetivers around, it is the widely unknown Royall Vetiver that under a certain aspect may resemble it the most.

I have to admit, it is a bit unfair to compare those two fragrances with each other. Whereas Guerlain's vintage Vetiver was highly refined French perfumery, Royall Lyme of Bermuda is engaged in a different market sector. Besides the maritime images that these islands may evoke, Royall Lyme refers to the British tradition of this spot – and so we can mention this house in the same breath with “British” perfume brands such as D.R. Harris, Geo F. Trumper, Penhaligon's, Anglia Perfumery or Castle Forbes. What they all have more or less in common is a rather traditional approach – straightforward, classic fragrances without too much refinement, moderate prices and a certain barber shop appeal of the gents' colognes.

With only 44 $ per 4 oz one cannot expect the same level of refinement that we are used to by Guerlain and others. Royall Vetiver does not have much more longevity than an Eau de Cologne. There is some citrus, maybe the alleged spices - and then there is vetiver. Like Guerlain's take on vetiver, it is not the bitter, rough and overly smoky oil, it is rather the deeper and greener form being used here which I find more attractive. What strikes me as resembling Guerlain's vintage fragrance so much is probably the simple fact that Royall Vetiver really focusses on this note. The lack of refinement comes along with a certain lack of artistry, and the absence of any notion for a perfumer to prove his or her ingeniousness. That's the problem if you are looking for a substitute – many of the available vetivers are respectable and unique fragrances of their own, but their artistic merits will not allow you to dwell in nostalgic thoughts.

I get a little bit of that vintage Guerlain vetiver vibe out of this rather bland Royall Vetiver, and I appreciate it for that. In many aspects it does not reach the level of the original, however, I would rate it higher than Guerlain's current Vetiver. With its Eau de Cologne strength, Royall Vetiver is a beautiful refreshment – yet, it has that great green depth that a good vetiver perfume can provide. If you are open minded enough to enjoy Royall Vetiver for its closeness to the famous role model, and not criticise it for what may be missing, then go get a bottle!
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