Ice Red pour Homme by Sakamichi

Ice Red pour Homme

12.05.2021 - 12:47 AM

Very good for the price!

On Walmart's site I found this: "Ice Red Eau de parfum is a men s cologne launched in 2014. The fragrance is a unique masculine blend with notes that include orchid, labdanum, benzoin, tonka beans, cinnamon, roasted sesame seeds, coumarin and orchid." I get a slightly spiced, vanillic tonka. It's not super sweet, nor does it come across as synthetic. If there's lavender in here, it's a very small amount - could be unisex, but there's a little something to make it "masculine," which I'd guess is some sort of wood aroma chemical. Interestingly, there's a far drydown that's a bit different, sort of like a sugary dessert item, but again, not sickeningly sweet. Though simple, they did a good job (is reasonably strong too!), and I can imagine using it for layering purposes as well.

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