Tuscan Creations - Testa di MoroTuscan Scent - Incense Suede (2014)

Tuscan Creations - Testa di Moro / Tuscan Scent - Incense Suede by Salvatore Ferragamo
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Tuscan Creations - Testa di Moro is a popular perfume by Salvatore Ferragamo for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is smoky-woody. It is being marketed by Salvatore Ferragamo Group.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesFrankincense, Pink pepper, Dried fruits
Heart Notes Heart NotesLeather, Saffron, Patchouli
Base Notes Base NotesStyrax, Sandalwood, Mate



7.8 (55 Ratings)


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8.3 (48 Ratings)
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I know that one..
For the summer I ordered Virgin Island Water, which I had the pleasure to receive today with friends.
Included: A black box with three samples of the series "Tuscan Scent" by Salvatore Ferragamo. My clear favorite is Incense Suede.
Why is that? Well, because the scent character is clearly assignable to another perfume, which I already own:
Amouage Jubilee XXV Man.
The same blackberry in the top note, here referred to as dried fruit. In addition, the sour, coniferous fir-like heart note and the oudig-smoky-oriental base.
The focus here is mainly on the blackberry and the scent looks a bit dirtier than the Amouage (stable note), which I really like.
In terms of complexity, quality and performance, however, it does not come close to the original.
Nevertheless a solid fragrance, which despite all this appeals to me above all because of this dark temple vaulted cellar wall vibe, which the Amouage does not have. As I said, this one is dirtier, but unfortunately also easier.
Since the price here is also in the niche fragrance area, I would rather reach for the XXV anniversary.
All in all, however, a thoroughly successful oriental fragrance
8.0 6.0 8.0 8.0/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    6
Leathery Resins
Hey guys, today I'm commenting on the fragrance Testa di Moro, also known as Incense Suede by Salvatore Ferragamo. I had a sample of this scent lying around and I'm always glad when I have samples of women's scents :D
On the other hand, it wouldn't have been too bad to test such a fragrance in the women's department, because I don't have that much trouble testing women's fragrances in public anymore, especially if the bottles look like this. But I get a little queasy every now and then when I have to pick up a bottle that looks pretty, sweet, cute, brightly coloured and simply very feminine, like the fragrance Signora of the same brand here, which comes in a pink bottle with a cute bow. Or scents like Chloe, Prada Candy or worst of all: Juicy Couture :D (Although most of the fragrances of these brands smell so great for me, so on a girl :D). But no matter, at least it's not as bad as it was some time ago, when I could only test scents in the ladies department when I was wearing an invisibility camouflage suit or something :DD

Be that as it may, here comes Teste di Moro from the more exclusive collection of Salvatore Ferragamo. It's a nice, resinous scent with leather notes, but "see" itself:

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with intense incense, which as always gives off a resinous-sweet scent and, if you like this fragrance, also smells pretty good. In the background it smells more herbaceous and spicy. There is the pink pepper, which smells both spicy and slightly fruity, and then there is something "kitchen spicy", perhaps this is the saffron, which comes across so nicely spicy.
You can also smell the dried fruits well, even if I have to admit that without the fragrance pyramid I would never have thought that they were dried fruits (you know from too few fragrances to remember this fragrance well, but now that I know it, I can say that it smells like dried plums for me here, which also looks sweet).
A little later you can smell the leather very clearly. Otherwise, it remains mostly with the resins and leather, because the fruity-sweet notes come a little into the background towards the base, so that the scent is not very sweet, and thus more woody-leathery and spicy-resinous comes across. Much later, the resinous and leathery notes are most in the foreground, while the woody and spicy scents move back a little more. All in all, it's a beautiful fragrance.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is still strong at the beginning, but it fluctuates in the mediocre range in the further course of the fragrance, so that one cannot smell the fragrance so well from far away, but does not have to get too close to it. The shelf life, on the other hand, is much better because the fragrance lasts on the skin for more than eight hours.

The bottle:
The black bottle looks cylindrical, but in reality it is rectangular, with all the sides slightly curved outwards and the bottle also appears slightly wider in height. On the bottle are written in golden letters brand and name on it and is finished with a cylindrical, brown wooden lid with a golden underside. A beautiful, noble looking bottle.

Okay, I liked the smell. Not so much that I should have it now, since I'm not a big fan of leather notes, but I think the fragrance is very good in general, so I'd recommend testing it, especially if you like resinous and leathery fragrances. Because you can't really complain about the scent itself, except maybe about the fact that "Many-Scents-Tester" (sounds like an Indian name :D) could see it in the meantime in such a way that you have already tested such scents several times. But that's the way it is when you try a lot of scents. Then it becomes more and more difficult to find something really new (and fragrant), but that doesn't mean that the one thousandth resinous scent can't smell good for you!

The type for me is autumn, but also spring, because it is neither very light nor too heavy. It is unisex, even if I would tend more in a masculine direction. And there's not much more to say, so I've arrived at the end and wish you a nice evening :)


Carlitos01 8 hours ago
Very resinous, lethary, smoky & a tiny sweet. I really like it. Underated but overpriced. It could be a hit in the Ferragamo designer line.+1
Darkbeat 162 days ago
A leathery incense, spectacular, for cold climates, and with a high performance, not exaggerated, but quite good.+4
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