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Deva des Fleurs by Sama
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Controversially Rated Scent
Deva des Fleurs is a perfume by Sama for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is woody-spicy. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Sandalwood, Vanilla, Frankincense, Ylang-ylang



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Submitted by DonVanVliet, last update on 09.09.2019.
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Donation dedicated to a goddess
"DEVA DES FLEURS is linked to the celestial world. It strikes a sensitive chord and supports the feminine and creative side of each and every individual. It teaches us to trust our intuition." that is claimed by "Sama" about the overwhelming scent of "Deva des Fleurs".
Within the German Parfumo-community arose a little discussion about the meaning of "Devas" "Deva" is a Hindu goddess as far as I know .
The root of the vocabulary "Devas" is from Sanscrite. Sanscrite is the mother of all our Indo-European languages. And sure: Divine, Dea e. g. give remote hints to "Devas". At least I found an old Sanscrite-text-book of my husband where I found the syllable "vas" which means "bright, shining" And this closes the circle to the above mentioned "celestial world".
Why did I try to give this long and difficult explanation?
Because the name of the scent implicates something like flowers of a goddess and a flowery scent.
Who is expecting "Deva des Fleurs" as a flowery scent will be disappointed.
Sure there are delicate allusions of flowers. But "Deva des Fleurs" is mainly a real bright balsamical and resinous Frankincence scent without sweetness but though dainty and tender. Blendet with creamy sandalwood and for my perception not to identify balsamic ingredients. Sure I am perceiving Ylang-Ylang, maybe Elemi too.
Since I also know "Jardin d' Iris" with its spike-narde I smell also an unique and superb signature-mixture which seems to percolate "Sama" perfumes.
I am enjoying "Deva des Fleurs" with great excitement. And after pondering and searching about it I consider "Deva des Fleurs" as a donation dedicated to a goddess. Like embers of Frankincence and flowers, resins glowing in a temple or shrine without any smoke.
Meanwhile I used "Deva des Fleur" several times. I did not feel it as a poor trial of a "biological-naturally" scent. It is a scent with a good longevity and sillage. "Deva des Fleurs" is a high-quality-perfume that is for sure. Out of this I consider "Deva des Fleurs" as an uni-sex-scent.
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10.0 10.0 10.0 8.0/10

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Another earthy delight
Judging by the extremely low ratings on these Sama all-natural, mostly organic perfumes, I am in the minority. The more I wear these, the more I like them. I received sample sets from an online emporium and admit that upon initially wearing the perfumes I found it difficult even to tell them apart because the earthy, essential oil base seems so strong in all of them. What I found from wearing them on multiple occasions, however, is that there are subtle distinctions and that I find these creations rather addictive. Adventurous types who appreciate perfumes such as Clinique AROMATICS ELIXIR may be able to wrap their nose around the Sama perfumes. Others need not apply.

DEVA DES FLEURS lists sandalwood, vanilla, frankincense, and ylang among its notes, but I smell more flowers than just ylang. The vanilla is very light so this is not at all sweet. It also does not smell like an incense perfume. So what, exactly, does it smell like? It smells like an extremely earthy blend of woods and rich oils. It's clearly an acquired taste, and my suspicion is that the low marks are based on first-time wearings. With time, as one grows accustomed to the distinctive, dark, slightly dirty but still very natural quality, and one recognizes that this is a completely different genre from gentile niche or synthetic designer perfumes, then one can appreciate this sort of composition for what it is.

Well, that is what has happened to me. I doubt that I would wear these perfumes in public, but I love to wear them to bed. Are they aromatherapeutic? Perhaps. I do have a sense of well being when I wear them. I have smelled plenty of bad natural perfumes, which are sour, vinegarish, sharp, and generally stinky and unpleasant. Sama perfumes are nothing like that--but they are quite distinct from your average slick niche perfume.

The bottles are beautiful. I already own the JARDIN D'IRIS and LOUP DES STEPPES, and I'm thinking about acquiring a bottle of DEVA DES FLEURS as well. Even if I never wear these creations anywhere but in the privacy of my own boudoir, that's reason enough for me.
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Seerose 6 months ago
Perceiving the typically Sama-Base: genuine Santal/Narde+further, it starts with dainty white flowers, Ylang+sheer bright incense above all+1

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