Vitrum by Sammarco

Vitrum 2012

22.02.2014 - 10:08 AM

Not as smooth as glass

Sammarco is an artisanal line that also caters to all those who want a custom made fragrance or wish to acquire some of the choicest and less available perfumery materials. Founder and perfumer Giovanni Sammarco values high quality ingredients and devotes his creations to showcasing their beauty.

Vitrum, initially created as a bespoke perfume for a journalist named Francesca, spans the gender spectrum easily. It revolves around vetiver, featuring its earthy, dry and flinty characteristics. Black pepper adds spiciness and, combined with a subdued rose that softens the austere demeanour, renders the composition more refined. After a harsh, if not unpolished, opening, it progresses into a respectable take on vetiver. Overall, Vitrum is surprisingly sheer, yet not at all without substance and lives up to its name. Still, a superb composition does not necessarily result from exquisite materials alone.
Out of the regular Sammarco range I prefer Vitrum but admittedly fail to appreciate the rave reviews.
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