Porcellana by Santa Maria Novella
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8.4 / 10 51 Ratings
Porcellana is a popular perfume by Santa Maria Novella for women and was released in 2010. The scent is floral-powdery. The production was apparently discontinued. Pronunciation
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IrisIris GalbanumGalbanum White blossomsWhite blossoms JasmineJasmine Star aniseStar anise CardamomCardamom CedarCedar
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Submitted by Licorice, last update on 24.01.2023.
Interesting Facts
This fragrance was created on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the brand.
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Clear, calm, transparent.....
I have to admit: PORCELLANA smells different than I expected......

The first association that comes to mind is "Citta di Kyoto" from the same house. Although there are, apart from a concise iris, no notable similarities in the fragrance itself.....but the overall impression is also that, of an Asian-inspired fragrance......

Research has revealed that this was also the basic intention behind the creation of "Porcellana" when this fragrance was created for the company's 400th anniversary......it is meant as a tribute to a region where SMV was already known in the 18th century: the Far East....with its exquisite materials and textures.....

Just like "Citta di Kyoto", "Porcellana" is also a very fine, transparent and extremely fragile fragrance, which definitely evokes the very finest, gossamer and slightly fragile porcelain, creating a floating meditative aura....

The fragrance starts with a wonderful light green galbanum note, which is immediately picked up by iris and jasmine and enveloped in a lightly powdery way.....the galbanum, which is often perceived by some noses as "austere" or "serious", presents itself here - enveloped in a certain floral powderiness - from its softer and more accessible side....

Soon cardamom and star anise float to the surface.....here, for me personally, the stage is now reached where "Porcellana" begins to lose my initial affection.....this, however, is merely because star anise (and, to a certain extent, cardamom) is a scent that is very unpleasant to me.....so it is something quite personal and has nothing to do with this great fragrance per se......

The cedar, which (depending on the dosage) is also sometimes quite difficult for me, remains friendly and delicate......and ably supports the other fine-break fragrance notes.....

To sum up, "Porcellana" is a clear, calm, warm and meditative fragrance, reminiscent of some Ellena fragrances in terms of its make....

To the rating:

The fragrance: 9
My personal taste: 6

Overall: 7.5

My heartfelt thanks to Gabi, who never fails to touch and inspire me with her generosity and expertise.....
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